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Harvard Law Grad with 20+ Years of Experience

I help entrepreneurs protect their online businesses quickly, easily, and affordably with my dummy-proof legal tools.



Harvard Law Grad with
20+ Years of Experience

I help entrepreneurs protect their online businesses quickly, easily, and affordably with my
dummy-proof legal tools.

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Legal Protection for Online Businesses

Get started protecting your business with our easy-to-use tools:

Plainly Legal™

Bobby's ground-breaking software with all his legal knowledge built right in! (Includes ALL of our legal templates and more!)
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Legal Templates

Need only one or two documents? Grab one of our easy-to-use legal templates and protect your business with ease! (Discontinuing Soon)

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Grab some tools to help you start protecting your business today!

The Ultimate Legal Checklist

Not sure what you need to do to protect your online business? Grab our FREE checklist for a quick and easy guide to get started!

Privacy Policy Legal Template

Try out our legal templates with our FREE Privacy Policy template! GDPR, CalOPPA, and COPPA compliant!

Created by a Harvard Law Grad

Who Is Also An Online Business Owner Like You!

Picture of Bobby Klinck
Picture of Bobby Klinck

Bobby is a Harvard Law grad turned online entrepreneur—but he’s NOT your typical lawyer. He doesn’t do suits, he hates legalese more than you do, and has a tendency to make bad pop-culture references and dad jokes.

He has credentials that make most lawyers drool as a licensed lawyer who graduated with honors from Harvard Law School, worked for the US Department of Justice, was mentored by a US Supreme Court Justice.

But after a long and successful career as a lawyer specializing in intellectual property and contract law, he decided it was time to make a change.

In 2017, he decided to hang up his suit (finally!) and put his superpowers to good use in the online space making the legal stuff quick, easy, and accessible to online entrepreneurs… like you!

Since then, he’s helped thousands of business owners protect what’s theirs with his comprehensive legal tools.

Businesses That Use Our Legal Tools

We've helped thousands of businesses protect what's theirs, including...

Coaching Programs

Coaching businesses love our templates for their one-on-one and group coaching programs! 

Online Courses

Our legal templates are perfect for businesses who sell launched or evergreen online courses! 

Online Memberships

Protect your online membership program with our legal templates designed for membership businesses.

Service Providers

Our client agreements help service providers get paid, avoid scope creep, and more!


Our tools help consultants build their consulting businesses without worryig about the risks!

Digital Products

Sell digital products like templates, ebooks, and other digital products the worry-free way!

Not Sure Which Template To Get?

Designed to help you find the legal gaps in your business, the Online Business Legal Risk assessment is our quick solution to help you figure out exactly where your business needs to be protected.

The assessment is short and sweet, only requiring 5 minutes of your time. After the assessment, we’ll email you a custom report that shows you exactly where risks are in your business.

We’ll also include Bobby’s recommended legal templates to mitigate the risks we uncover during the assessment and show you your next steps to getting those protections in place!

Praise From Amy Porterfield

"I highly recommend Bobby Klinck's legal templates. I use them in my business, and I recommend them to all of my students."

What Makes Our Tools Different

We believe The Legal Stuff Should Be Quick, Easy, and Affordable.

Quick and Easy To Use

We believe protecting your online business shouldn't take you hours of mind-numbing legal research or boring meetings with a lawyer. Our easy legal tools make getting quality legal protection in place in a snap! Use one of our legal templates if you need a single document. Use our groundbreaking software Plainly Legal™ for even better options!

Affordable Legal Protection

We also believe in making legal protection accessible by making them affordable for online businesses. In fact, our ENTIRE template library costs less than hiring a lawyer to make a single custom legal agreement. And here's a little secret they don't want you to know... lawyers use these templates, too!

Designed For Online Businesses

Our legal templates are created specifically for entrepreneurs who conduct business exclusively online, such as coaches, course creators, memberships, digital eCommerce, service providers and more. If someone sells their expertise or knowledge, our templates are there to help protect them.

Created by a Harvard Law Grad

Bobby writes drafts ALL of the legal templates we sell, bringing over 20 years of experience as a lawyer specializing in intellectual property and contract law. You can protect your business with confidence with templates created by a licensed lawyer who graduated with honors from one of the most respected law schools in the world.

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"Learn the best tips for naming your online course and how to make sure you can legally use it. Avoid common mistakes and protect your course name today!"

Learn how to create a refund policy for your online course that is fair, clear, and legally compliant. Get the tips you need to do it right!

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