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3 Necessary Passions To Build A Successful Online Business

Lots of people are searching for how to start an online business to earn passive income and retire. You know… sit on the beach and drink fruity cocktails and all that ish. They want a business where they don’t have to participate, so they can stop working.

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to retire or earning passive income, this reality makes me sad. Why? Because to me, it seems that those people don’t actually like their business.

You know what? I don’t wanna retire. I’m not building a business now so I can retire at 50. Nope! I love what I do.

Can you imagine how great it would feel to love what you’re doing… to jump out of bed every single morning excited for what lies ahead.

“Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.” We’ve heard this sentiment many times. Now the truth is that some days do feel like a lot of work. But when we do something we’re passionate about, it doesn’t feel like a job most of the time, and we WANT to keep doing it for as long as we can. 

But I’ve found the reverse to be true. Live in your passion first, and the money will follow. And it’s true, especially if you want to build a successful online business that’s focused on serving others.

Why You Need To Be Passionate About Your Business

There’s a common notion that entrepreneurship is the path to success and making a lot of money. But that’s just not true for everyone. Online entrepreneurship, for instance, never pans out for a lot of people.

I know, maybe I shouldn’t tell you this, but it’s the truth. I wouldn’t be serving you if I pretended that this was going to be easy. Entrepreneurship isn’t a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for everybody.

Here’s the reality: if you’re building a business with the main goal of making profits, I’m gonna say for most people the easier route is to work for somebody else and not to build your own business. Very few people get to a six-figure business, so if you’re after making money, do something else.

But if you’re serious about your business, make a decision based on passion, not profits. It’s important to understand that because when you’re starting, you’re gonna be doing everything in your business. You’re the chief cook and the bottle washer.

If you’re not passionate about it, it’s going to suck to do the crap work. Let’s be honest… this stuff is going to challenge you in every way. Building a business sure as hell ain’t passive, so you better enjoy what you’re doing.

3 Passions To Think About

For online entrepreneurs, there are three distinct passions to think about. Let me be clear, though, that you won’t always have all three of these passions, and that’s okay. Some people have built crazy successful businesses without them.

What I will tell you is that the more you can leverage all of these passions, the more likely you are to build a successful business. And here’s the crazy thing… that’s when the profits will come.

Let’s dive in.

  1. Passion for the people you serve

Serve the people you like. Otherwise, you’re not gonna want to serve them, and you wouldn’t care about what they need. Even worse, you’ll end up pushing them away because you don’t care, and it’ll be hard to connect with them. If you don’t like the people you serve, you wouldn’t want to do the nitty-gritty work.

When you have a passion for the people you serve, you become infectious and magnetic. You’re always excited, and you feel blessed just to be able to work with them. You engage with them, and you don’t avoid doing things.

Helping people will take you far. I can tell you that people sense my passion for helping them and that I care about them at a deep level. That’s why people come to me. That’s why they buy $7,000 products from me because they feel this sense of “Bobby cares about me succeeding. He’s invested in me.”

So, it’s important to have a passion for the people you serve. This is non-negotiable.

If you’re serving people and you’re not passionate about serving them, create a different business.

  1. Passion for your solution

What I mean by this is you need to love your offer. You have to know in your bones that your product or service will serve your people and help them at a deep level.

If you don’t have a passion for your solution, guess what? You’re gonna have a tough time selling it. You won’t want to sell it, you’ll feel bad about selling it, and you’re not gonna make any money.

Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs approach things backward. I see people who would say, “I want to offer a VIP level so I can charge more, but I don’t know what to add.” That’s putting profits over passion.

Passion over profits, on the one hand, is saying, “I have this amazing thing and I want to add it because I know it’s gonna give more value. So, I’m gonna charge a premium for it because I know it’s worth it.”

Now I’m not suggesting that you should do affirmations to trick yourself into loving your offer. That crap doesn’t work.

What I mean is you need to legitimately love your offer and know that it will serve the living crap out of your people. It’s a must-have for being a serve-first entrepreneur.

Another thing about this passion for your solution is that you need to be enjoying the topic that you’re helping people with. It needs to be something that lights you up and excites you.

Let me put it this way… I love law and going deep on important topics, but I’m not particularly in love with the legal stuff. Creating the legal templates, my Online Genius Template Library, honestly, isn’t something that makes me really excited now. I know they’re crazy valuable and a fantastic offer, but I’m not passionate about it at the level that I want to talk about it all the time.

So, you don’t hear me talk about the legal stuff that much, right? Because I don’t really want to dig into it all the time… I just want to help you solve the problem.

Serving other entrepreneurs as a marketing coaching is what I truly love doing now. It lights me up, and it feels fun, like I’m hanging out with friends.

If you think about it, if you don’t have a passion for the problem you’re solving, it makes things harder.

  1. Passion for your cause

The third passion is about finding your message and your cause. What is it that you can’t stop talking about? This should be something that you care so deeply about that you wanna scream it from the top of the rooftops.

My cause is helping online business owners create real businesses that’ll support their families and serve their people. It’s about creating a business that they love and ditching this BS idea that we’re helping people overcome false beliefs and then they get chewed up and spit out by our industry. 

I’m passionate about helping my people make a huge shift and have some kind of epiphany. People can sense that passion. They’re drawn to that passion and they want to be around someone who has that kind of passion for a cause.

It’s powerful when you have a passion to create change, and that will help turn you into a serve-first entrepreneur. Your passion makes you a magnet that draws people in and allows you to do things that will have ripple effects.

If you chase profits over passion, if you say “I’m going to do this even though I don’t care about it,” your chances of making a living at it are pretty darn low. But when you’re passionate about your people, your solution, and your cause, that’s when the profits come in. That’s when work doesn’t seem like work.

There’s power in serving people. And this is why I’m telling you to find the business that you’re passionate about and pursue it. That’s the ultimate way to build a successful business. If you want to learn how to become a serve-first entrepreneur and create and grow your online business, I invite you to join my program, BADA$$ Online Marketing University. It’s 100% FREE. No catch. No upsells.