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Earn commissions while helping your audience build and protect their online businesses with legal templates that don't break the bank and BS-free marketing resources.

Affiliate Program Details

As a valued affiliate, you'll enjoy the following perks:

We pay 50% commissions on all legal template sales. We even pay commissions on our membership and group coaching programs (20% commissions) even though they are time intensive for us!

You’ll receive commissions on all sales you make now, PLUS any purchases folks you referred make in the future. Once they are tagged in our system as referred by you, you’ll get credit!

We pay commissions the first full week of each month via PayPal. Commissions are payable 31 days after the referred purchase is made (or payment plan payment is received).

We have swipe copy and graphics available and Team Klinck is here to support your affiliate promotions any way possible. Just ask, and we can probably make it happen!

An affiliate program should be a partnership... so we treat our affiliates like part of the team. We're here to make your promotions successful.

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Click the signup button, complete the application, and agree to our Affiliate Agreement to get started.


My team will review your application. Assuming you seem legit, we’ll get you approved ASAP.


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We offer legal templates for coaches, course creators, service providers, membership site owners, bloggers, and just about every other kind of online business owner.


We have free and paid offers to help online business owners create businesses that will stand the test of time using traditional marketing and business methods.

The Legal Templates

We have legal templates to help coaches, course creators, service providers, membership site owners, bloggers, and more! Each template makes it quick, easy, and affordable for online business owners to get their protection in place. Here are some of the highlights:

Easy To Customize Templates – Each template comes as a Google Doc with sections that can be customized highlighted. They also come with video instructions that walk through how to make the right customizations. 

One-Click Generators – In March of 2021, we rolled out generators that do the customizing for our customers. They simply answer a series of questions and our system creates the fully customized legal agreement for them to use. Since releasing this upgrade, people have raved about how it has made an already easy process even easier!

Free Privacy Policy – We offer our privacy policy template (and generator) absolutely free. Many competing lawyers charge $300 or more for this template, but we treat it as a loss leader. It provides an easy way for you to refer people so they can see how truly easy it is to get their legal protection in place. And because of the lifetime cookie, anything they buy later will be credited to you! 

Three Promotions Per Year – Our templates are for sale year round, but we run three special promotions to give people extra reason to buy now. In April and November of each year, we run a special on our all-access product, and in August we run a month-long promotion with rotating flash sales to create buzz. As an affiliate, you can send people to buy any day of the year, and you’ll be invited to participate in our special promotions as well.

Our templates are sold individually, in packs, and in an “all-access pass” called the Online Genius Template Library. They range in price from $27 up to $997. We’ve found our most popular products are our Website Policy Page ($27) and our Online Genius Template Library ($997), but each affiliate tends to focus on templates and packs that are perfectly suited for their audience.

Business Coaching

We also have training and implementation programs to help online entrepreneurs build a business they love and that makes them money. Our business offers are broken down into three main programs:

BADA$$ Online Marketing University™ (FREE) – This is our 100% free training university for online business owners. We’ve decided we don’t charge for information, so we have made all of our courses free. We continue to add new courses to BOMU™, and have a vision for it providing a full suite of courses on major strategic pieces of building a business. We leave specific platforms (e.g., Instagram Marketing) to others. BOMU™ is intended to provide online business owners with their business basic training. 

BADA$$ Online Marketing Membership™ ($997 Annual / $97 Monthly) – This is our entry-level paid product on the business coaching side. It is intended for business owners who are earlier in their journey. While we call this a membership, folks who join get group-coaching level of support. They have access to 6 topical coaching calls per month. The goal of this program is to get people to the point that they are ready to scale their online business. 

BADA$$ Online Marketing Coaching™ ($10,000 Annual) – This is our signature group-coaching program where we work with business owners who are all in on their businesses. In our coaching program, clients get access to at least 2 coaching calls with me each month, weekly “implementation” sessions that are 4 hours long, support from my integrator with tech, and support from four outside expert coaches on mindset, messaging and copy, FB ads, and design. 

Affiliates are welcome to promote any or all of these programs, but we find the best approach is often to send people to sign up for BOMU™. From there, we’ll nurture them into the paid program that is the best fit based on where they are in their business journey.