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Is your online business protected?

Take This 5-Minute Online Business Legal Check-Up Assessment

Hi! I’m Bobby Klinck… a Harvard lawyer turned online business owner who gets the busy entrepreneur life you live.

It’s easy to ignore the legal stuff because let’s face it… you’ve got a million things to do and the legal stuff is boring as hell. And while I’m not even going to even try to make the legal stuff “fun” (because that’s an exercise of futility!), I am going to make it easy.

I’ve created this short-and-sweet legal assessment to help you figure out exactly where risks may be hiding in your online business (including your courses, coaching programs, services, website, and more.)

The assessment only takes 5-7 minutes. Afterward, we’ll send you:

So… you got 5 minutes to check on the legal health of your business? If so, click the button below to get started!

why are lawyers so boring?

Hates legalese more than you do.

Tried to be boring, but it didn’t take.

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Note card that reads: "A little about me... Name: Bobby Klinck, Special Skills: Harvard Lawyer and Driving my wife crazy, Hobbies: Lame pop culture references and dad jokes, Superpower: Making the legal stuff easy..."

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