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Book Launch Team

Email Marketing That Doesn't Suck

Limited Edition Signed Copy Registration

Grab your limited edition signed copy of Email Marketing That Doesn’t Suck for only 99¢!

Registration ends March 31st at midnight Eastern. That’s in…

Registration has closed.

Registration Requirements

As a member of our Book Launch Team, we are excited to extend to you an opportunity to grab the signed limited edition hardcover version of Email Marketing That Doesn’t Suck for only 99¢ shipped! In order to qualify for the deal, we ask that you complete the following registration requirements during your time on the Book Launch Team:

Complete Your Registration

In order to receive your limited edition copy, you have to agree to pay the full cost of the book and shipping ($30) if you do not end up participating in the launch. The registration form will ask you to put in your credit card information, but you will NOT be charged unless your participation falls through.

Purchase The eBook on May 3rd!

The eBook version from Amazon goes on sale May 3rd and will only cost 99¢! Don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder. We want you to be a buyer in Amazon’s records when you go to leave a review so that it’ll show up as a “verified” review. THIS is the only charge you’ll incur if you participate in the whole launch!

Leave A Review May 3-9th!

Launch week is May 3rd-9th, and as part of the launch team, you’re agreeing to leave us a review on Amazon BEFORE the end of the day on May 9th. If you do not, Bobby will cry many sad tears into his beer… and your card will be charged the full price of the book + shipping ($30) on May 10th.

Post About The Book On Social!

When you signed up for the launch team, you agreed to post about the book on your favorite social platform too. Now, we would LOVE for you to start posting as soon as you get the special edition hardcover… but we need you to post at least ONCE during launch week to build buzz.

Send Us Screenshots!

Once we receive proof of your review submission, we’ll cancel your registration card payment and you will not be charged for the book on May 10th! That means you’ll get the signed copy of the book AND the ebook for only 99¢. That’s a steal!

Are you ready to register? Click the button below to head to the registration checkout page, and we’ll send you that book!

Registration ended March 31st at midnight Eastern.