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Category: Business Building

  • ​​When to Focus on Team Building and Financial Stability in Your Business

    22 Mar, 2022 By Bobby Klinck

    Getting to the point that you have a solid financial footing and a reliable team for your online business is a process, so don’t worry if you’re not there yet. In this post, we’re gonna tell you what you need to focus on to get…

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  • How to Scale An Online Business Selling What You Know

    15 Mar, 2022 By Bobby Klinck

    So, you’ve got things running in your online business, and you think you’re ready to up your game. This is the time you’re thinking about creating a scaled product for your knowledge brand. In this post, you’ll learn what objectives and milestones you should focus…

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  • How to Build an Online Business Selling What You Know

    08 Mar, 2022 By Bobby Klinck

    Knowledge brand? You? Well, there’s a good chance that you are if the primary commodity in your online business is what’s in your head (read: expertise, know-how, knowledge, etc.). At the risk of sounding like a broken record (yeah, I say this a lot)... no,…

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  • 3 Essential Pillars of Online Business Planning

    01 Mar, 2022 By Bobby Klinck

    So you want to build an online business? I have one question for you… what’s your business plan? If your plan can fit on a napkin and goes something like “create my thing and sell it to people,” (or worse… you don’t have one at…

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  • The 7 Phases of Building a Successful Online Business

    22 Feb, 2022 By Bobby Klinck

    Some gurus might have you believe that all you need to do to build an online business is follow a simple step-by-step checklist. And that following said checklist will lead to $10,000 months seemingly overnight. (No joke, this was an offer I saw recently.)  Sorry…

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  • Two Essential Factors of a Personalized Customer Experience

    15 Feb, 2022 By Bobby Klinck

    Personalizing the customer experience is essential right now in order to stand out from the competition. Yes, it may feel like an unscalable thing to incorporate into your customer experience strategy, but ignoring this important aspect of your customer’s overall experience with your brand could…

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  • How to Create Stellar Customer Experience AFTER Your Customer Buys

    15 Feb, 2022 By Bobby Klinck

    Much of the customer experience is focused on attracting prospective customers, generating leads, and converting them. But let me tell you that how you provide service after sales can be even more powerful to help you retain and create repeat customers. How do you make…

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  • How to Create A Customer Experience That Keeps Them Coming Back

    15 Feb, 2022 By Bobby Klinck

    When it comes to customer experience, a lot of businesses don’t think about their brand avatar. But it’s an important aspect of building a business, particularly a knowledge brand. Let's be honest, you've probably heard about customer personas or customer avatars, but that's about it.…

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  • Why Your Business Sometimes Needs To Be Boring—And That’s A Good Thing

    17 Jan, 2022 By Bobby Klinck

    In the online marketing space, we often hear people say that business should be “fun” all the time. But we need to talk about the distinction between enjoying what we do in our business and having fun. I’m going to give you some tough love:…

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  • Why A Membership Is The Next Step To Serve My Audience

    10 Jan, 2022 By Bobby Klinck

    I made a big announcement at my live event at the end of 2021: I'm launching a membership! In this post, I’m going to share the journey that led me to create BADA$$ Online Marketing Membership.  I’ll cover why I think this is the right…

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  • Make Progress In Your Business With A Different Kind Of Planning Routine

    03 Jan, 2022 By Bobby Klinck

    It’s the beginning of the year, and for most online entrepreneurs, that means planning how they want the rest of their year to go. But is all this planning really worth your time? Let's talk about it. Now, if you know me, you know that…

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  • Why Your Business Needs to Solve a Real Problem

    20 Dec, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    I know this might come as a shock… but your online business needs to solve a real problem for your audience. I’ve listened to a lot of people talk about the businesses they want to create. Sometimes I find myself scratching my head, wondering if…

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