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Category: Ethical Marketing

  • How To Ethically Use Testimonials And Case Studies In Your Marketing

    20 Oct, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    You’ve probably seen a lot of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and big corporations feature case studies and testimonials on their websites. Did you know that many of these case studies and testimonials are actually breaking the law? Yeah, you read that right. In this post, we’re…

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  • Is It Wrong To Focus On Negative Emotions In Marketing?

    24 Sep, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    This post is based on a podcast discussion I had with my friend Zach Spuckler. We covered a lot of ground in that conversation. You can hear the full episode here.  A lot of marketers these days use negative emotions like fear and guilt to…

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  • Is There Such A Thing As Ethical Copy?

    17 Sep, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    (This post is based on a podcast interview I had with my friend, Tarzan Kay, who has also been thinking about the issue of ethical marketing. If you’d like to listen to the episode, click here.) If you’ve been around in the online marketing space,…

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  • What Are Our Duties To Verify Information We Teach In Our Products?

    10 Sep, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    We deal with lots of information in the online marketing space. Whether it’s in a podcast, a social media post, a blog post, or the course that we teach, we use plenty of information. My question is, what are our duties to investigate and validate…

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  • How To Tell The Difference Between Objections And Legitimate Reasons

    03 Sep, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    In the online marketing space, we’re taught to think of everything as an objection to be busted. When someone asks a question, your job isn’t to answer the question but to bust the objection, whatever it might be. For instance, when you sign up for…

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  • Promises And Case Studies: What Are The Ethical Limits?

    27 Aug, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    In the online marketing space where we sell transformation rather than a physical product, we hear a lot of promises and case studies of amazing results. But what if only 5% of your people are getting those kinds of results? Is it okay to present…

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  • What’s Your Responsibility For Your Students’ Results?

    20 Aug, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    In the online marketing space where we’re selling people a product or service that’s based on transformation, on getting a result, what are our ethical obligations? I know this is a heavy question, but I think it's worth discussing. I’ve said before that we’re not…

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  • What Is Your Obligation To Share Details About Your Products And Services?

    13 Aug, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    As online marketers, we share details about our products and services to convince people that they need them or that we can help them solve their problems. But how detailed do we need to be? What are our obligations to tell people about all the…

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  • What Does Ethical Marketing Look Like in the Online Marketing Space

    06 Aug, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    If you’re an online marketer selling anything other than a physical product, what does it mean to be ethical? When you’re selling a promise of transformation, what does ethical marketing look like? This is something that not many people are talking about, so I want…

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