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Category: Legal

  • Naming Your Online Course: How To Pick A Great Name You Can Legally Use

    24 Jan, 2023 By Bobby Klinck

    You’ve come up with a dynamite idea for an online course, one that you are sure will be a hit. But one thing is stumping you… naming your online course! It seems so simple. How hard is it to pick a freaking course name?!? Naming…

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  • How to Create a Refund Policy for Your Online Course

    23 Jan, 2023 By Bobby Klinck

    Let the confetti fly… pop the cork on the champagne! You’ve successfully created and sold your online course. That is a huge accomplishment. Not to be a killjoy but errr, if you didn’t spend the time to figure out how to create a refund policy for…

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  • Why A Privacy Policy Matters for Email Marketing

    21 Apr, 2022 By Bobby Klinck

    Although it might seem boring and old, email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of marketing. In fact, it has the highest return on investment of any form of marketing. But before you jump in with email, we need to make sure…

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  • Where Do You Put the Privacy Policy on Your Website?

    14 Apr, 2022 By Bobby Klinck

    You've created your website privacy policy... now what? Where the heck are you supposed to put the privacy policy on your website?  Kudos to you for creating your privacy policy. That is a big first step to getting your website fully legal. Trouble is that…

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  • Privacy Policy vs Terms and Conditions: What The Heck Is The Difference?

    07 Apr, 2022 By Bobby Klinck

    When it comes to your website, do you know the difference between a privacy policy and terms of use? And what about a disclaimer? If you’re not exactly sure what the difference is… you’re not alone. It’s common for website owners to confuse these important…

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  • How To Write A Privacy Policy For Your Website

    31 Mar, 2022 By Bobby Klinck

    Creating a privacy policy for your website can sometimes get backburnered because figuring out how to write a privacy policy isn’t exactly why you decided to become a business owner.  The legal stuff is pretty stinking boring, and writing a privacy policy probably sounds like…

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  • California Privacy Policy 101: A Simple How-To Legal Guide For Every Business Owner

    02 Mar, 2022 By Bobby Klinck

    When it comes to privacy laws, the United States is kinda in the stone age. There is no federal law that protects your privacy online or even requires the transparency that comes with a website privacy policy. Instead, we have a messy patchwork of laws. …

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  • Privacy Policy 101: The Ultimate Guide You Need To Protect Your Website

    22 Feb, 2022 By Bobby Klinck

    If you’re building an online business and want to protect your website with no fuss and no muss, this ultimate privacy policy guide is for you! After reading this guide, you’ll know how to create a privacy policy for your website and understand what the…

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  • How To Ethically Use Testimonials And Case Studies In Your Marketing

    20 Oct, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    You’ve probably seen a lot of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and big corporations feature case studies and testimonials on their websites. Did you know that many of these case studies and testimonials are actually breaking the law? Yeah, you read that right. In this post, we’re…

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  • How Do You Legally Protect Your Membership Site?

    13 Oct, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    How To Legally Protect Your Membership Site  If you have a membership site or are creating one as a primary part of your business, you’ll need to set up some items for legal purposes.  We’ll begin by looking at the legal basics for creating an…

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  • How To Legally Protect Your Online Coaching Business

    06 Oct, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    If you’re an expert in a particular field, you can start an online business that offers coaching services. In fact, coaching businesses are booming these days. If you’ve already started one or are planning to start one, you need to make sure that you’re legally…

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  • Legal Stuff Service Providers Need To Know To Protect Their Business

    29 Sep, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    Service providers like copywriters, web developers, and virtual assistants offer expert assistance in the field they specialize in to individuals and organizations. They often play a critical role in the success of an online business. If you’re a service provider or planning to be one,…

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  • Simple Steps To Legally Protect Your Online Course

    22 Sep, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    If online courses are a part of or are the core of your business, or if you’re planning to explore course creation, this post is for you. When you’re creating online courses, it’s important that you take care of the legal stuff to ensure that…

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  • What Is Right To Publicity And How Does It Impact Your Business?

    15 Sep, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    The right to publicity is the area of law that gives people the right to determine how certain attributes of them can be used commercially. That includes your name, image, and likeness, and it applies to everyone. The right to publicity and its requirements differ…

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  • What You Need To Know About Trade Secret Law To Protect Your Business

    08 Sep, 2021 By Bobby Klinck

    Trade secret law plays a crucial role when it comes to protecting your confidential information. But you might be wondering what trade secret law is, how it works, and why it is important for your business. Trade secret law is the area of law that…

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