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How To Create Powerful Messaging For Your Online Business

There are different aspects to developing your messaging, but a big part will be positioning yourself in your niche and helping people see how you are different from everyone else.

If you think your lead magnet is the reason you’re struggling to attract your ideal audience for your online business, there’s a good chance you’re wrong. I know this sounds harsh, but hear me out. 

Before you can get enough eyes on your lead magnet to know whether it’s working, you’ve got to get the attention of the people who need your solution, and your messaging is a key component in doing that.

You may have the best freebie in the world, but no one can download it if they don’t know it exists. It’s common for entrepreneurs to think they have a problem with conversions when what they actually have is a problem getting enough people to see it.

Messaging Gives People A Reason To Pay Attention

If you have a freebie and your list isn’t growing or a webinar and you aren’t getting sales, you need to look at the data. Before you start making adjustments, you need to know how many people have actually downloaded your freebie or watched your webinar. The problem might simply be that not enough people have seen it.

When you’re presenting something to people, you have to make sure you get enough people to pay attention before you can make a conclusion about whether it’s working. If you’re getting your lead magnet in front of enough people who can only decide whether to download it or not, there’s no way to know whether it’s the right freebie or whether you should change it.

If you’re in a very saturated market and are trying to get eyes on your freebie, you’ll have to do something exceptional to stand out and break through the noise. Why would they listen to YOU instead of the thousands of others who are pitching the same offer as yours?

Until you have an answer to that FUNDAMENTAL question, you’re not gonna know how to come up with a message that will get people to pay attention to you. You have to have something that gets their attention and makes them say, “Yes, I want to get this information from you.”

Do The Deep Work

There are different aspects to developing your messaging, but a big part will be positioning yourself in your niche and helping people see how you are different from everyone else. 

When you’re working through this, it can be helpful to ask yourself

  • What do you stand for?
  • Where are you willing to draw a line to make a point?

You can use the answers to these questions to help you explain the real problem is your people are facing, what they need to be doing instead, and how you do things differently.

For your messaging, it’s important to focus on the WHY question, not the how-to nitty-gritty. When you implement that in your messaging, people will want to get your freebie and start taking the next step with you.

Once you figure out your message, you should have no trouble coming up with things that you can talk to people about. You can talk about what you believe in, what you teach, and what you’re trying to get across to the world.

The Structure Of Figuring Out Your Messaging

The conventional online marketing wisdom is often wrong. What you believe your people should be doing and what other people are teaching in the online space will likely be at odds. You want to help people dig deep to find the root issues that are causing their problems and show how your approach to solving the problem is different from the rest of the gurus in your niche. 

If you’re focused on nailing your messaging and getting it in front of potential clients, you’ll get feedback that can help guide your next steps. This will keep you from getting distracted by tactical details before you actually have enough data to know whether you need to change directions.

First Things First

So many entrepreneurs overlook their messaging and instead are consumed with strategy and tactics. They start off thinking they should create a course, and when that “doesn’t work,” they decide to shift to a membership. Or maybe they decide to try a webinar launch but then switch to a challenge because “webinars are dead.” They end up hopping from launch style to launch style, from strategy to strategy, from guru to guru, but nothing ever works.

You need to figure out what it is that your people are experiencing as they try the conventional solutions to their problem. Once you can speak directly to the problem they’re experiencing and why the solutions they’ve tried don’t work, you can get their attention.

That’s the hook to get their attention because that’s where they are and what they’re saying. Then you can show them that the reason they’re stuck is they’ve been following the wrong advice.

If they don’t buy into your central concept and the core premise behind what you do differently, getting them in your world with a freebie isn’t going to help you in the end. They will come in and get your freebie and then leave.

As you develop your messaging, you need to keep pressing in to discover the real problem your audience is facing and help them understand why all those other solutions they’ve tried don’t work. 

When you nail the message, you’re gonna know it. It’s gonna resonate with people and with you.

Nail Your Messaging

If you’re struggling to build your business, don’t assume that the problem is your lead magnet or webinar or that you did a webinar instead of a challenge. The problem is more likely that you haven’t found the right message that will resonate deeply with your audience. That’s the work you need to do.

Messaging works by expressing what you believe, stepping out, talking about it, and leaning into these things. When you do these things, you’ll find what resonates. It’s got to be something you’re willing to stand up and be unconventional about and also something that people are willing to follow you for. When you find it, everything else becomes easy.

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