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Creating A Successful Integrated Marketing Communication Plan For Your Online Business

Delivering a consistent message across all your marketing channels is critical. In this post, I'm breaking down what integrated marketing communication is and why it matters for your online business.

Have you been delivering a consistent message across all the marketing channels you use? If not, it’s about time to think about integrated marketing and why it matters for your online business.

What Is Integrated Marketing Communication?

You might be wondering, “What is integrated marketing communication?” Integrated marketing communication is an approach to promoting a consistent message across multiple channels. 

Basically, you want people who interact with your brand across every channel to have the same experience. Integrated marketing communication ensures that a consistent message reaches people.

Sometimes you’ll see people who have a powerful message on Instagram, but then their website, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook promotes a different message. It creates a very disjointed journey.

That’s the problem of not having an integrated marketing communications plan.

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No One Communication Channel Is Better Than Another

When you think about integrated marketing communications, you need to stop thinking that one communication channel is better than another.

Remember when Facebook and Instagram had an outage in 2021? It was down for around six hours, and people were freaking out and sending emails to their list, claiming that email is better?

But the truth is email isn’t important because you might not have social media for six hours. That’s a shortsighted way of thinking.

It’s not that you need one in case another one goes down. It’s not that email is better than social because email never goes down. It can go down too, and you can lose your email service provider too. The point is they both serve a purpose and should work together.

The point of integrated marketing communications is having all of those channels working in tandem. The cumulative effect of the multiple touchpoints is more powerful than a single touchpoint.

You can communicate with different people through the channel where they prefer to hear from you. Guess what, some people will prefer to get emails from you, some will prefer social media to communicate with you.

It’s not that one is right or wrong. They’re just different.

Your Channels Must Work Together

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. For instance, if you see a social post from me, you might buy what I’m promoting but probably not. But if you see a social post from me and also get an email from me, and they reinforce each other with a consistent message that resonates, guess what? You’re way more likely to buy than if you’d received one and not the other.

Another example is affiliate marketing. You might think that you should just do away with it because you’re going to make a sale anyway so why would you even pay commissions.

You’ll be losing sales that way because when people hear about your program, your product, etc., from other people again, they’re more likely to buy.

If people are hearing about your product from you, and they’re also hearing about how great it is from affiliates, and then they’re hearing about it from five different people that they trust, guess what? You’re going to be way more likely to convert that person.

Have A Strategy To Combine Multiple Touch Points

You might be wondering, “How can I have a strategy that has all these touchpoints so that people will see me and connect with me?”

The short answer is you need to pick one or two places to be active and then share a consistent message in that place.

For example, when I was starting out, I became very active in some Facebook groups. A lot of people saw that and thought I must be in 50 Facebook groups because every group they joined, I was there contributing value.

Think about the power of that.

The reality was I wasn’t everywhere. I had just figured out the universe of places where my ideal customer happened to be, and it was a set of four or five groups. If I was in those groups consistently, it would seem like I was everywhere.

The goal is to step back and create a strategic plan for how you can have this type of integrated communication with different touchpoints.

Instead of thinking about a single way to reach people, start thinking about an ecosystem where you can reach people in multiple places. They’re more likely to convert that way.

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