For The Marketer That Hates Boring Marketing Books...

Email marketing sucks…at least the way most marketers do it.

Conventional advice tells you to always be selling—or at least always be going for the click— but chances are, you hate writing emails, your audience hates reading them, and they aren’t making you any money.

But what if email didn’t suck? What if you enjoyed writing emails that your audience would binge-read like they watch Netflix? What if email actually made you money?

In Email Marketing That Doesn’t Suck, I use my lawyering skills to convince you that the old-school rules for email marketing are just plain dumb. I show you how to do email right, teaching you the five phases of email marketing and how to infuse purpose into your message.

You’ll learn how to tell a really good story that people want to read. But fair warning, if you’re a conversion copywriter, you’re an online marketing guru, or you have a serious problem with laughing at yourself, you probably should not read this book.

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Writing Marketing Emails can be Fun - Said No One Ever
Writing Marketing Emails can be Fun - Said No One Ever
Mary N.
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I don’t even know where to begin. Reading this book was like hanging out with a friend who isn’t afraid to tell you something’s stuck in your teeth.

This book won’t be for everyone but if you are looking for great examples of email gone bad and emails people want to read. This book is for you.

The first part of the book focuses on stories from the author’s attempts at writing email and how he discovered a better way. The stories behind the emails are even better than the emails.

The second part of the book focuses more on the process and what is needed to write better marketing emails.

If you’ve learned “traditional” email copywriting, you may find this book challenging. I encourage you to give it a try.

A marketing book that IS NOT marketing as most of us likely know it…
A marketing book that IS NOT marketing as most of us likely know it…
Andrea A.
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…in TOO MANY WAYS to list! So here are the most important ones...

First, there are SO many books written by coaches, course creators, etc., that are just long-winded brochures. “Here’s what you should do… To learn how, buy my program.” This is NOT one of those books! Not only does Bobby tell you WHAT you should do, he also tells you HOW to do it! If you buy this book and follow it, you WILL have email marketing that doesn’t suck. Mic drop.

Also, while this book IS about email marketing, it’s NOT the slimy, glad-handing kind of email marketing—or worse, the “let’s hit them below the psychological belt so they are mentally tortured until they buy” kind of email marketing. Bobby is a marketer for every business owner, but especially for anyone who doesn’t want to be "that marketer." This book clearly shows that for Bobby, marketing is all about people, solving their problems in an ethical way (starting with the marketing), and building real relationships—as it should be for all of us in business! In short, treating customers like humans and NOT like transactions.

So if you’re a business owner who does their own marketing, you need this book. As you’re kicking and screaming against the idea of email marketing, you KNOW you need to do it. So follow Bobby’s example (be sure to get on his email list—he DOES walk the walk!), and do it right, do it well, and do it with integrity. You won’t be sorry, and altho they might not realize it, your customers will thank you for it by staying on your email list, opening your emails, and engaging with you.

WARNING: Bobby’s NOT for everyone—and unapologetically so. He’s direct, he uses some adult language, and he's sometimes snarky. He’s also self-deprecating, transparent, and (IMO) very, very funny. You will love him or hate him, and either way, you will enjoy the ride. You might not agree with everything he says—I don’t—and this book says, “That’s OK! Let’s talk about it!” That’s what this book is—a discussion with Bobby about the reality of email marketing and how we ethical marketers can make it a better place, one email at a time.

This is not like any other business book you will read... it's better!
April H.
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While most business books are just informational, Bobby Klinck's book is also entertaining--making it an easy read, and chock full of great advice and examples. What I liked most about it is that he writes in the same way he talks and I felt like he was "talking" directly to me.

Bobby gives real life stories of both success and failure he has experienced. He includes actual email examples of what works and shows that writing emails can be like sending a note to a friend. I hate the "salesy" email tactics I see out there, and I hate getting emails just wanting me to buy something and nothing else. I want to connect to others and really get to know them before I buy anything from them. Bobby not only encourages this, he shows you how to do it!

"Instead of pretending to be something you're not, you should show people who you truly are and let them get to know the real you from the beginning. You are building a business around people you like, people you think of as friends that you want to spend time helping. And this is a long-term relationship you're getting into...."

This book not only let's you get to know Bobby, but allows you to understand why he sends the kind of emails he does, and why you should too. His ideas resonate with me and how I run my business.

Finally, the book is hilarious! I mean, literally laugh out loud funny. How many business books do you say that about? Where you love all the information, it's useful to you and actionable, and makes you laugh at the same time? This one does it all!

The Book That Actually Helped Me LOVE Sending Emails!
The Book That Actually Helped Me LOVE Sending Emails!
Tomesha Campbell
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Let me be all-the-way-real. Before reading this book, I felt truly despised sending emails to my list. I never knew what to say. I felt like my words just didn’t land. And, it just felt like a complete waste of time. Which is why when I saw this book title - Email Marketing That Doesn’t Suck - I immediately said sign me up!

I’m happy that I did because from start to finish this book is all value and no fluff. I learned from this book that the problem that was keeping me from writing engaging emails was that I was working too hard at being a great “salesperson” instead of a better “marketer” - Bobby breaks down the difference in the book.

Once I grabbed onto that golden nugget and so many more I realized that speaking to my email list was so much easier.

I stopped simply telling them to click the link to watch my live video. Cuz, that’s boring. Instead, I started speaking to their pain points and offering my products and services as solutions to those problems. That translated to more people watching my live videos, more engagement on my email, and more revenue in my business.

If email marketing is something you’ve been struggling with I highly recommend this book. It’s not only a quick read, but there’s plenty of practical application to help you turn theory into practice! So, grab you copy and start writing emails that don’t suck!

Definitely Not Your Typical Online Marketing Book
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I do WordPress website development and design, and as a secondary service I'll also help clients with content marketing and email marketing campaigns. I have studied many resources about email marketing and online marketing in general.

I will be brutally honest: "Email Marketing That Doesn't Suck" book was a breath of fresh air to me. Just when I thought I had everything down, I learned a number of things from you I haven't learned anywhere else. While I know the technical aspects of a successful email marketing campaign (making sure to use a domain specific email address, connecting APIs, copying/pasting the JavaScript code, making sure the opt in form redirects the visitor appropriately after they submit their name & email, etc.), I'm always open to how I can do better with the content part. I actually appreciate how Bobby went against the status quo and challenged current conventional wisdom.

In general, I'm always open to anything that can contribute to my ongoing learning, growth, and development and also help me take my business to the next level. If anyone is looking to take their email marketing to the next level, this book will help do just that.

Bobby has actually inspired me to revise and update my own email marketing campaigns. Whenever a current/prospective client turns to me for advice on email marketing, I'll definitely reference Bobby's unconventional wisdom and give credit where credit is due.

Whether you have never started an email marketing campaign or you have but it could be better, the smartest thing I could tell you is buy this book!

Really... it doesn't have to suck, because we can have fun doing it too
Wendy S.
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I’ve been in Bobby’s beautifully interesting world for about 18 months (so received an advance copy of the book). And I have to tell you I still learned and laughed out loud at his book.

I am a recovering perfectionistic. I think that it all needs to be a certain way for me to do anything, including emails. Which meant... I didn't send the emails. They were never good enough.

Then I started listening to this quirky man who just spoke my love languages: laughter, snark, and swift kick in the arse to get things moving.

There are so many gems in the book, like begin with the end in mind: sounds simple, and yet it is a game changer for me writing effective emails.

I started reading the book cover to cover. And then I realized that no matter when I picked up the book, there was a gem RIGHT THERE. It is fun to learn with Bobby, and it is now fun to write emails that are actually connecting with people and bringing them further into my world.

Practical, funny, and my style of learning: through stories and with snark. Bobby is a master of using what works and being an example for the effectiveness of the content of this book.

He’s a straight-shooter and it makes all the difference. Just read the damn book. And apply it! You’ll thank me for it.

Authenticity. Humor. Connection. Nothing “cookie cutter” here.
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This isn’t “another book about marketing” that will give you the coolest tricks to suddenly gain a massive following.

This isn’t a book that you will read a few pages, yawn, and put on the shelf.

This isn’t a book about how to adapt yourself to fit your audience’s needs.

This is Bobby in his most authentic self, teaching (or reminding) you that being authentic, connecting with your customers, and following your core values is a key part of building an audience that fits. Reading Email Marketing That Doesn’t Suck feels like you are sitting across from Bobby as he tells the stories of his experience learning what felt right and what didn’t align with his core values. His encouragement to think about who you are, who you want to attract, and how you want to show up is reinforced and he draws you in with stories, humor, sarcasm, and a bit of snark. (Note-hoping for an audio version soon for the full experience that comes with Bobby’s training.)

If you are worried about doing things “right” or “perfect” as you draft an email, get this book. 
If email templates feel awkward for you, get this book.

If you care about connecting with your customers on an authentic level, get this book. If you aren’t attracting the people you want to work with, get this book.


If sharing yourself, flaws and all, isn’t for you then you won’t love this book. If you want to push yourself to examine how you want to show up, then dive in. Grab a pen/highlighter and dive in. You will find gems of wisdom and a few laughs along the way. You will realize that Bobby leaves you feeling like you could sit and have a beer with him and be 100% comfortable because of the relationship built over time. So off I go to dive deeper and nurture relationships where my people would be comfortable sitting down to share a cup of coffee or a glass of wine…. because beer isn’t my thing.