Click on the links to check out
tools, books, equipment and more!

Click on the links to check out


tools, books, equipment and more!

Demio (Webinars)

Very reliable service for webinars. We’ve used them for many of our webinars and workshops.

ClickUp (Project Management)

ClickUp is our project management software and offers a ton of different options, views, and structures to help you manage tasks in a way that makes sense for your brain.

ConvertKit (Email Service Provider)

Simple yet robust email service provider. Lacks a lot of the bells and whistles that other ESPs have, like Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign. But what they lack in bells and whistles, they make up for with ease-of-use. There are thousands of integration possibilities which makes it a scalable solution. We’ve switched back to ConvertKit after a few years on Kartra.

Siteground (Hosting)

We buy all of our domains and hosting services through Siteground. Their support is fantastic. Priority support and more skilled support technicians are available for the higher tier plans. We’ve never had downtime for our sites that have been hosted through Siteground.

Elementor (Website Builder)

They are always improving the platform and have a very active Facebook group. We’ve been very happy with it! It’s quite robust but can benefit a business of any size.

Gusto (Payroll)

This is what we use for our payroll and paying some of our contractors via direct deposit. This is an incredibly easy-to-use payroll software and is excellent for the remote team that has employees across state lines. They have everything you need to set up payroll for employees, offer benefits, bonuses, and so much more. Many bookkeepers are familiar with Gusto.

Google Workspace (Office)

We use Google Workspace for EVERYTHING. All of our team email accounts are set up through Google Workspace, we use Google Chat, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and anything else that we can use on Google. You can manage everything Google through Google Workspace. You can get a 14-day free trial with this link.

Funnelytics (Visual Funnel Mapping)

This is a great tool for those who enjoy seeing the beginning-to-end layout of a funnel. Their drag-n-drop funnel mapping tool is excellent and gives a birds eye view of your funnels. We have had trouble getting the platform funnel analytics to actually work, so we use it mainly for funnel mapping.

Geru (Visual Funnel Mapping and Projections)

Similar to Funnelytics, this is a great tool for funnel mapping. What makes it different from Funnelytics is that you can plug in numbers to see how your funnel will perform based on different performance settings you set. This is great for helping project the profitability of a funnel, although it can never be 100% accurate. The funnel mapping canvas and graphics are much better than Funnelytics, but the tool is a lot more clunky to use. We stick to Funnelytics for funnel mapping but occasionally go to Geru when we want to play with the number projections.

Hello Audio (Audio Hosting)

Hello Audio automatically creates audio files from your video content so you can create a feed of audio content that your students can listen to on the go. This is a great way to make your course content available to students who can’t always be in front of a screen. You can also easily manage listeners and see download metrics.

VideoAsk (Video Connection)

VideoAsk helps you connect to your customers and audience via asynchronous video. You can use it for things like testimonials, engagement, and lead generation. Get 10% off with the code: c5LGDTbi. 

Thirsty Affiliates (Affiliate Link Management)

Thirsty Affiliate is a WordPress plug-in that manages all your affilaite links and redirects. That means no more long wonky affilate links and no more inserting code to make links no-follow. Every time you insert a link, Thirsty Affiliates adds a small notice that this is an affiliate link, so you can be in compliance with FTC guidelines. It even has a setting especially for Amazon affiliate links so that you can leave those uncloaked, which is required by Amazon’s terms of service.


This tool allows you to repurpose content across platforms! We use it to pull our live podcast episodes and publish them with the intro and outro onto our podcast host (Libsyn). We also use it to pull published podcasts and repost them on our social media! There are lots of great workflows you can create to make content once and repurpose it across your platforms of choice.


This fun tool makes videos searchable! We use it for our podcast, but we also use it for our programs and our internal team tutorials! It creates verbatim transcripts that are editable so you can have a team member clean them up and reuse them for your programs. This is great for accessibility and for making your videos much more user friendly. They are continuing to roll out more features, so keep an eye on them. They’re growing!

Libsyn (Podcasting)

We use Libsyn to host and publish our podcast. While there is a learning curve, it’s one of the easiest and most popular to use. It’s easy to find a contractor who can run your podcast using Libsyn.

Canva (Graphic Design)

We use this for quick & easy graphics. They’ve upgraded their tools to offer more sophisticated graphic design options for the non-designer!

Wavve (Waveform Graphics)

Wavve creates great waveform graphics for your podcast or any audio files you want! The downside is that you have to manually create each one, but once you create a nice graphic template, it becomes very easy to use. We use this for our podcast.

Zapier (Software Integration)

Zapier is an integration tool that allows you to integrate an endless number of online software so all of your business tech is communicating as one system. We use this to connect our different business software that doesn’t have native integrations. This gives you so many options. But be aware that relying on Zaps can complicate your tech stack a bit, so make sure you use them sparingly.

eCamm (Video Recording for & Streaming)

eCamm is a live video tool that helps you record video, live stream, and more across many platforms. It creates an excellent quality video, which helps tremendously when you’re going live on Facebook. You don’t have to rely on terrible Facebook quality video recordings. Retain a high-quality version of your videos no matter what.

Tailwind (Pinterest Scheduling)

If you’re using Pinterest to circulate your content, Tailwind is a MUST. It offers auto-posting and looping of your pins saving you countless hours of pinning. It is one of the ONLY tools recognized and endorsed by Pinterest. It’s as close to “set it and forget it” as you can get.

Vimeo (Video Hosting)

Vimeo is a video hosting platform that delivers high-definition video. It has native integrations with a lot of platforms, which provides a more seamless experience for your users. We use it to host videos for our memberships and courses. They have tiered pricing based on how much video storage you need.

ClipScribe (Video Captioning)

This is a software that we have used to generate captions for video. We are now using Searchie, but this can be a good place to start.

PlaceIt (Digital Mockups)

GREAT place for making branded mockups of your products! We’ve used them to create mockups of our PDF downloads, courses, and more.

Focus At Will (Productivity)

This app uses the power of sound to help you maintain focus. You can choose from different types of music depending on what works best for you.

Calendly (Scheduling)

Calendly is a software that integrates with most digital calendars and allows you to schedule meetings with people without messaging back and forth about when you’re available. You set the times you’re available and simply send people your link so they can book their appointment.

AccessAlly (WordPress LMS and Membership Plugin)

AccessAlly is a WordPress plug-in that allows you to custom build your own courses and programs. You’ll need a WordPress site, hosting, and a place to host video. AccessAlly is one of the most versatile and popular Learning Management Systems (LMS), but there is definitely a learning curve to using the back-end of Access Ally. Unless you’re well versed in WordPress and code, you will likely need a developer to help with this. We’re moving all our courses and memberships to AccessAlly.

Zoom (Video Conferencing)

Pretty sure everyone knows what Zoom is now. We use Zoom for coaching calls, team meetings, and podcast interviews.

Accelevents (Virtual Event Platform)

We hosted our 1st ever BADA$ Online Marketing LIVE event on this platform and it was a HUGE hit! We had some technical issues, mainly when people left the stage area and tried to return, which made mid-session breakouts a bit difficult to manage. We also recommend NOT turning features on and off during events as it messes with the platform a lot. Once we figured out it’s quirks, we got in a nice groove and everyone had a stellar time. The speed networking feature was an attendee favorite, as were the lounges. They have a gamification option (beta), but we felt it needed more development before it was really useable. We’ll be using it again for our next live virtual event!

Hopin (Virtual Event Platform)

We’re currently trying this platform out for our private bootcamps for our coaching clients. No feedback on platform yet other than it’s not as flexible as the Accelevants platform.

Shutterstock (Stock Images)

Excellent source of stock photos. A bit pricey, but has many more options than the free sites like Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash.

99 Designs

Find excellent graphic designers, run design contests so you can see their work on your project BEFORE you hire them, and more. We had our entire site designed through a contest on 99 Designs.

Online Jobs

Find overseas Philipino contractors to help you in your business. We’ve found our graphic designer through Online Jobs, and she’s amazing. Finding the right person is a process and it can be hit or miss sometimes. But once you streamline your process, you’ll be able to find the right people with very little invested time. (NOTE: We make it a point to pay a fair wage for the services we get.)


We’ve used Fiverr to find and work with our podcast editor. We used him until we brought editing in-house and still use him as a backup! Pros: You can see ratings on the freelancers you’re looking at! The Fiverr platform keeps communication and services nice and organized. CON: You HAVE to work with them through the Fiverr platform.