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How To Create An Effective Post-Sale Survey And Down-sell Sequence For Your Digital Product

If you thought you were done with your launch after your cart closed, well, not so fast. In this post, I'm sharing how to survey your audience and create a down-sell sequence.

If you thought you were done with your launch after your cart closed, well, not so fast. But don’t panic. This next part is about improving your process so that your next promotion can be even better.

In order to improve, you need to get feedback from the people who didn’t buy. That’s it’s important to survey the people who didn’t buy. As you go through this step, you may also discover that there’s a potential down-sell opportunity that you could offer people who just weren’t ready to invest in your signature product.

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When To Deliver The Survey And What To Ask

Even though you’re tired of sending emails, the best time to talk to non-buyers is soon after you close your cart. That way they’re more likely to still be engaged. You don’t have to reach out immediately, but within a day or two is a good timeline.

Since you’ve already sent a lot of emails, keep your survey simple. And by simple, I mean a single question.

“I would love to hear the single biggest reason you decided not to buy.”

You could set up your survey in Google Forms or even ask people to reply to your email. The key is to keep it short and to the point. If cheeky is on brand, you can have a little fun with the subject line and tone of the email.

Down-sell Sequence Basics

When you survey your audience, you might discover that just because people didn’t buy your signature product, that doesn’t mean they’re not interested in your other products. 

Offering non-buyers the opportunity to purchase a lower-priced product after you’ve closed your cart can increase your launch revenue. Another bonus: because these people are already in your world and you’re not running ads, down-sells tend to be pure profit.

What Makes A Good Down-Sell

The perfect down-sell is a product that is less expensive than your signature offer but still provides what your audience is looking for. Time and money tend to be the biggest objections, and a good down-sell offer can address both of these issues.

When you create your down-sell offer, choose one of your products that is better suited for people at an earlier stage in their journey.

Creating The Down-Sell Email Sequence

Your down-sell email sequence should be a few emails in length and begin by acknowledging the reader’s decision not to purchase. Then present your smaller offer. Three emails will generally be sufficient for a down-sell sequence.

The key is to a successful down-sell sequence is to remember that you’re NOT trying to make them feel bad for not purchasing your main offer. Instead, you want to praise them for not making a purchase that wasn’t right for them. Your praise should be related to the main reason people weren’t buying — not ready, no time, don’t need the full offer, etc. This reason is the segway to your down-sell offer.

For example, if people “aren’t ready,” then your down-sell should be a product that gets them ready. If they only need part of the signature offer, that can be your down-sell offer.

You can spread your down-sell sequence out over a longer period of time, perhaps a week.

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

Just because you closed the cart on your promotion, there are still opportunities to get feedback and offer a down-sell to those who didn’t buy.

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