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How to Create Stellar Customer Experience AFTER Your Customer Buys

Much of the customer experience is focused on attracting prospective customers, generating leads, and converting them. But let me tell you that how you provide service after sales can be even more powerful to help you retain and create repeat customers.

How do you make sure you keep your customers happy after they purchase?

Your brand’s duties don’t end once people buy your offer. You still need to provide a stellar after-sales customer experience.

Part of this is how you deliver your product and provide excellent customer support. These are important aspects of building your business that every entrepreneur must know.

Now before we get into the nitty-gritty of this topic, this is the last installment of the five core elements of creating a customer experience machine that you need in building a business.

In the previous posts, we discussed brand avatars, intentional touchpoints, and product design. We’re wrapping up with product delivery and ongoing customer support.

Ready? Here we go!

Want to dive a little deeper into the subject? Listen to Bobby discuss the concepts in this post in Episode 276 on the Certified BADA$$ Online Marketing Podcast!

Here’s What We’ll Be Covering…

  • How to provide a great customer service post-purchase
  • The 4th core element of a customer experience machine: product delivery
  • How to streamline customer experience with product delivery
  • Why you need to be willing to invest money in customer experience
  • Why you should simplify the process and add value
  • Why you need to deliver where your audience is
  • Why you must consider how your audience wants to consume your products
  • The 5th core element of a customer experience machine: ongoing customer support
  • Why it’s important to think about when your customer needs you

2 Ways to Provide Great Customer Service Post-Purchase

Providing a stellar customer experience after sales drives customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer retention. Here are two essential elements in ensuring you make this happen.

Streamline a WOW Customer Experience with Product Delivery

Product delivery is about providing a wow customer experience with your products from free to paid.

It’s about streamlining the experience and making things better. For example, if you have any of my legal templates, you’ve experienced the changes when we rolled out my legal template generator.

Before that, people had to customize everything themselves.

We invested money to get our web developers to craft the technology so that my team could then create something where people answer some questions on our system, hit enter, and then boom, our system spits out a customized agreement for them. It has simplified the process for our customers and for my team.

That’s what you have to do with your business. Think about how you can streamline the way your customers use your products for a better customer experience.

Sometimes it’s a technology improvement, but sometimes it’s just other things.

Here are some important things to remember: 

Be Willing To Invest Money to Improve Customer Satisfaction 

You may or may not do this early in your business, but along the way, you need to be willing to invest money to improve your product delivery.

For example, even though our BADA$$ Online Marketing University (BOMU) is free, we were willing to invest money to improve the experience of how people use our free training program. We created a course called the BOM Process, which is about helping understand all of the different things you need to do to build your online business.

In this course, we give you a path, phase by phase, of what you should be focused on in your business right now. We also added a page where people can track their progress through the different phases. Early on, you don’t have to make such investments, but as you progress and build your business, you should think about ways to do that.

Simplify The Process And Add Value to Drive Customer Loyalty 

Do you have a lot of different things going on in your business?

You use different platforms, so you seem to be all over the place sometimes.

As much as it can be confusing to you, it can also be confusing to your customers. So you need to find ways to make the experience better not only for your customers but also for your team.

Let me use my group coaching program as an example. We had the courses in BOMU, a Facebook group, calls, recordings in different places, etc.

To streamline the process and add value to our customer experience, we invested in developing a portal. It now serves as the centralized location where everything was so we could streamline the ways we run the program.

Instead of telling our customers to various places to access what they need, all they have to do now is head to the portal. Again, it’s a small little thing, but especially for our highest touch program, it makes sense to include that value add. 

Deliver Where Your Audience Is 

When it comes to product delivery, the channel that you use also matters.

Now, we may have personal preferences about these channels, but as an entrepreneur, we need to set that aside.

This is something that can be a sore spot for some people, but in product delivery, what matters is where your audience is.

Maybe you don’t like Facebook or Instagram, so you want to build your community elsewhere.

But the question is, is your audience there?

If your audience is on Facebook, it’s where you should build your community too.

You need to consider what will make it more convenient for your audience and what will serve them better. You have to recognize where your audience is and create your customer experience strategy around that by delivering your products the way that your audience wants to.

Consider How Your Audience Wants To Consume Your Product 

When thinking through product delivery, you also need to consider the best ways for your customers to consume your products.

Does your audience want videos? Do they want audio? Do they want something they can binge on the go? Know what your audience wants and develop your customer experience strategy around that.

If you can meet their needs, the better their experience will be and the higher the chances are that they will get results.

That’s why you need to be intentional about product delivery

Provide Ongoing Customer Support for Customer Retention

For some businesses, customer support is a no-brainer. But others still fall short in this aspect.


It may sound like a little thing, but you need to provide good customer support on an ongoing basis.

Take software companies for example. Some of them are loved by customers because their customer support is so good. We love ConvertKit as an email service provider because their customer support is great. Their chat is great. They will get into stuff. So far, we’ve only had a great experience.

You wouldn’t wonder why that makes me a pretty darn loyal customer. With us in the online business space, it’s the same thing. Having that level of ongoing customer support is a crucial aspect in making sure that our clients have a stellar experience with us.

Think About When Your Customer Needs You 

When planning your customer experience strategy, you mustn’t forget about when your customer needs you.

Now, a lot of companies don’t have 24/7 customer support. No available customer service representatives. Some of them would only work on weekdays. Or even on a four-day week.

But what if your customers only have time to do their business on weekends?

What if your audience needs you Friday and Sunday? This isn’t to say that you have to work on weekends too. But you need to think through how you can create a system that would allow you to attend to your customers when they need you. You need to think about customer support tools that you can use in helping customers.

And I want to use my business as a very clear example. I know that a lot of my audience is still working full-time jobs during the week. So, weekends are the times that they’re often working on their businesses. If we don’t provide customer support on weekends, we would be shutting those people out. They’re not gonna be happy customers.

Let’s say they’re working on something and they run into a tech issue on Saturday morning and they send us a support ticket. Well, they’re not going to get a response until Monday. But if they can only work on their business on weekends, that means from Saturday morning when they had that tech issue, they can’t really get back to it until the next week. I look at that and I say that doesn’t work in my business. We have email support, so if we receive a ticket over the weekend, and I see it’s something I can help with, I help them.

In cases like that, what you can do is to hire someone who takes two days off during the week and works through the weekend. That way, you have support through the weekend. Again, this is something you may not do early on in building your business, but I want you to think about the difference of experience that that could make for your customers. It’s a subtle thing, but it’s those little subtle things that can sometimes make a huge difference.

If they just have this fantastic customer experience with you at every touchpoint through the journey, what happens is they’re more likely to buy from you and buy more things from you. But just as importantly, they become some of your most powerful ambassadors through word-of-mouth marketing.

They’ll be out telling everybody they know to buy from you… and there’s power in that. And that’s why after-sales customer service is such an important area.

Summing Up Your Customer Experience Machine

Again, making sure that your customers have a stellar customer experience doesn’t stop when they’ve given you their money.

You must ensure that you create the right avenues for delivery and you improve the delivery to streamline the experience of working with you and your brand. You must also do it in a way that is convenient for your audience.

As equally important, you must provide ongoing customer support and consider when your customer needs you. That means making some adjustments with your customer support team so that you can be there for your customers.

Those things are key elements of building a successful positive customer experience. And so that’s what you need to do for customer success. Now if these seem to be a lot of work, especially when you’re just starting a business, don’t worry. We got you.We actually have a process. Inside the BOMU, we actually have the BOM process course that walks through this. So, make sure that you sign up if you’re not there yet.

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