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Protect Your Service Business

In one afternoon...



You have to build a kickass offer that your buyers won’t be able to refuse.

And that sales and marketing pipeline isn’t going to build itself! You have to spend your time creating great content, getting it in front of your potential customers, generating leads, and nurturing the crap out of your leads to build the know, like, and trust factor.

The last thing you have time for is to spend your day playing lawyer…

Even though an online service business is a great way to build a six-figure business that also gives you the freedom you’re after as an entrepreneur… it can become an albatross around your neck if you don’t take care of the “legal stuff.”

Without the right legal agreements in place you’ll end up in disputes with your clients about what services you are supposed to provide… what kind of access they get to you… and how much they have to pay!

Or you might find you end up training contractors and employees to go create competing businesses using all of your proprietary methods.

The good news is that you can avoid the pain with just a little bit of prevention… you just need a little help to get the right agreements in place quickly, easily, and affordably!

Service Business Pack Comes Into Play!

When you grab the Service Business Legal Pack, you’ll get the essential legal templates that you’ll need for your online business in one easy-to-use, affordable package. No more winging it… and hoping the shit doesn’t hit the fan! Instead, you’ll know that your online business is protected, so you’ll be able to focus all your energy on building your amazing business…

Client Agreement


This agreement sets out the basic terms between you and your clients, including things like what work you'll provide and when they are going to pay you! A rock-solid client agreement is a MUST for a service business like yours... and this template makes it simple to create one that is tailored to your business!

Independent Contractor Agreement


As much as we entrepreneurs sometimes think we can do it all... we can't! And we definitely shouldn't try. As you grow your business, you're going to need to hire independent contractors (virtual assistants, designers, etc.). Each time you hire one, you need a written agreement. That's where the Independent Contractor Agreement Template comes into play! And it will ensure they don't use your confidential information for any other projects!

Employee Agreement Pack


As you grow your business into an agency, you're going to need to hire employees. But the last thing you want is for them to learn your "secret sauce" and walk out the door with your confidential info just to start their own competing business. That's where the Employee Agreement Pack comes in. It sets expectations, makes clear that you own all the work product they create, and prevents them from using your confidential info once they leave.

Testimonial Release


Testimonials are just about THE most powerful form of social proof... so you're gonna want to use them to sell your online course. Did you know you need written permission before you use a testimonial? That's where the Testimonial Release Template comes into play!

Don't be.

They're "dummy proof."

Each template comes with video instructions that makes it easy-peasy to customize for your business (and that explains what all the boring legalese means!).

My customers have raved about how easy the templates are to use, and one entrepreneur actually said they’re “dummy proof!”

But I’m not your typical lawyer. I speak English (not legalese), use poop emojis, and make lame pop-culture references… all in hopes that you’ll forget I’m a lawyer for a bit and stick around.
By the way, if you don’t like ellipses, I’m not sure we can be friends. #SorryNotSorry
I built my online business from nothing to $250k per year business in less than a year, and I help other online entrepreneurs get their legal shit in order and create businesses they love.

Are made specifically for online entrepreneurs

Most legal templates are generic — not designed for online course creators and entrepreneurs… because lawyers aren’t trained for that in school. The Online Genius Templates are hyper-targeted for YOUR business.

Let you get your protection in place in minutes

As a digital entrepreneur myself, I know where the potential traps and loopholes are — ones that your average business lawyer wouldn’t think of — and help you to close them.

Were created by a Harvard Law Grad turned online entrepreneur

Once you can grab the template, you’ll be able to get everything set up in minutes instead of weeks (and for a lot less money!). The easy-to-follow video instructions make it uber-easy to get the forms customized for your business.

Are affordable at every stage of your business

Whether you’re just starting out in business, or you’ve already made your first $100K, the Online Genius Templates are within your budget and will meet your needs.

If you’ve checked out other “online lawyers,” you probably noticed that their templates cost a lot more. They tend to charge two, three, or even four times as much for their templates. That’s led some entrepreneurs to ask why my templates are so cheap (as if that’s a bad thing!)…

Fear not! When you buy my legal templates, you can rest easing knowing it was created by a Harvard Law grad who Amy Porterfield calls her “resident attorney.” I choose to keep my templates affordable because the whole reason I created this business was that I was tired of seeing online entrepreneurs like you “go without” legal protection because it was too expensive.

So as long as I can keep my legal templates affordable… I will!

"Bobby's teaching style is

incredibly easy to follow."

“He takes complicated legal language and turns it into understandable, actionable steps… Bobby’s heart is in the right place. He deeply cares about those he serves and it’s refreshing that he’s ‘one of us’ with an incredible knowledge of the law as well.”

Stop winging it!
Service Business Pack Now!

When you grab the Service Business Legal Pack, you’ll know that your business is protected legally… No more guessing or wondering if the next shoe is about to drop.

With the “legal stuff” out of the way, you’ll be able to spend all of your time and energy building your business without having to worry about whether it’s protected.