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Created by a Harvard Law Grad

Who Is Also An Online Business Owner Like You!

Picture of Bobby Klinck
Picture of Bobby Klinck

Bobby is a Harvard Law grad turned online entrepreneur—but he’s NOT your typical lawyer. He doesn’t do suits, he hates legalese more than you do, and has a tendency to make bad pop-culture references and dad jokes.

He has credentials that make most lawyers drool as a licensed lawyer who graduated with honors from Harvard Law School, worked for the US Department of Justice, was mentored by a US Supreme Court Justice.

But after a long and successful career as a lawyer specializing in intellectual property and contract law, he decided it was time to make a change.

In 2017, he decided to hang up his suit (finally!) and put his superpowers to good use in the online space making the legal stuff quick, easy, and accessible to online entrepreneurs… like you!

Since then, he’s helped thousands of business owners protect what’s theirs with his comprehensive legal tools.

Need More than one document?

Subscribe to Plainly Legal™, our brand-new SaaS solution for making the legal stuff for online businesses so much easier!

Plainly Legal™’s Legal Doc Generator includes:

  • 100% customizable! Make your legal documents exactly what you want them to be for your business.
  • Preset document settings to make customizing your documents with your standard business information even easier!
  • Custom disclaimers for business types that require a little extra legal language (e.g., medical disclaimers, legal disclaimers, etc.).
  • Plain English explanations of clauses so you know exactly what the legalese means and why it's there.
  • More document options than we offer in our template shop!

View our demo of the Plainly Legal™ Legal Doc Genreator!

TemplateS PACKS

Grab one of our template packs and bundle the savings!



Website Policy Pack

A fully protected website should have three legal policies displayed on every page: A GDPR-Compliant Privacy Policy, a Disclaimer, and a Terms of use. With this pack, you get all three!


Coaches Pack

Building a coaching business? Cover your one-to-one coaching and your group coaching programs with our coaching pack. Includes 4 essential agreement templates!


Course Creators Pack

Creating a signature course? Selling multiple online courses? Protect your online course business with our course creators pack. Includes 4 essential agreement templates!


Membership Pack

Planning on building a thriving membership? Protect it with our membership pack! It includes 4 essential agreement templates designed to cover the unique aspects of a membership business.


Service Providers Pack

Protect your client relationships with our service providers pack designed specifically with service providers in mind. This pack includes 4 essential agreement templates. 


Hiring Pack

Don’t make your next hire without these essential agreements! Our hiring pack includes all of our core hiring agreement for hiring your next virtual assistant, contractor, and/or employee. (Includes 6 templates!)


Blogger Pack

Is blogging your main source of business income? Grab our Blogger Pack to protect your blogging business! It includes 6 essential templates to cover the unique aspects of a blogging business.

Legal Templates

Choose the templates you need to get your business protected!




If you offer one-on-one coaching services, this is the template for you. Protect your coaching client relationships with this agreement template tailored to one-on-one coaching programs!


Group Coaching Agreement

Do you have (or are you thinking about adding) a group coaching program to your product suite? Protect your one-to-many coaching program with this essential template! 



Our course agreement outlines the terms and conditions of your course when someone enrolls. Designed specifically with course creators in mind, this is a must-have for your next course!


Membership Agreement

The membership agreement outlines the terms and conditions of your unique membership, including fees, refund policy, what’s included, and more!



As a service provider, your client relationships are your bread and butter. Protect them with an agreement that mitigates scope creep, outlines your fees, and ensures you and your clients are on the same page.


Copywriting Agreement

Are you a copywriter selling your copywriting services? This version of our client agreement is written specifically for copywriters and outlines the project scope, fees, and more!


Digital Product Agreement

Selling digital products such as downloadables, templates, and more? Use this essential agreement as your product terms for all your digital product offers!


Guest Coach Agreement

Add value to your coaching program by bringing in guest expert coaches to support your clients. But don’t forget to outline the terms of the arrangement in this essential agreement!


Guest Teacher Agreement

Inviting a guest teacher to contribute a lesson or module to your online course? Make sure you use this essential agreement to establish ownership, contributed content, and more!


Mastermind Agreement

Do you host a paid mastermind? Use this agreement template as your terms & conditions for your mastermind program! It covers your refund policy, added bonuses, mastermind calls, and more!


Workshop Agreement

If you’re hosting a live bootcamp or workshop, this agreement is definitely a must-have to outline what’s included, costs, dates, and more!


Virtual Event

Hosting a virtual event is a big deal! Just like any other offer, make sure you’re outlining the terms of their ticket purchase in writing. This agreement will clarify event details, dates, fees, refund policy, and more!


Website Design/
Development Agreement

Are you a front-end web developer or web designer working with clients to design amazing websites? Use this agreement for all of your client work! It covers everything from common services for web designers, scope of work, timelines for clients to get you important assets, and more!


Tech Services

Confidently offer your technical services with this agreement! It covers everything from scope of work, how you’ll access private systems, your payment structure and how you’ll get paid, confidentiality, and more!



Virtual Assistant

Before you hire your next virtual assistant, make sure you get your working arrangement in writing. This agreement will help you clarify their specific role, fees to be paid, pay schedule, and more!


Overseas Virtual Assistant Agreement

Confidently hire an overseas virtual assistant with this version of our VA agreement that will keep you and your new overseas VA on the same page. Includes details on fees to be paid, pay schedule, scope of work, and more!



Looking to hire an independent contractor to help you in your business? The contractor agreement is designed to clarify the scope of work, fees to be paid, when the work will be delivered, and more!


Employee Agreements

Hire your next employee with confidence with our employee agreements! This includes 3 essential hiring agreements, including an employee offer letter, employee IP transfer agreement, and employee confidentiality agreement.



Confidentiality Agreements (NDAs)

Sharing confidential information with anyone? Use these essential NDA agreements to protect the “secret sauce” for your business and other important private info! (Includes 2 templates!)


Publicity & Testimonial Releases

Don’t use a contributed testimonial, name, image, or content in your marketing without written consent. Use the publicity and testimonial releases to get the proper permission! (Includes 2 templates!)


Guest Blog Post Agreement

Accepting guest blog post submissions on your blog? Be sure to set out the terms of acceptance, content ownership, and time frames for acceptance with this agreement!


Podcast Guest

Inviting a guest on your podcast? Make sure you get the proper permission from them to use their image, the episode, and any other contributed content for your podcast and marketing with this podcast guest release.


Event Sponsorship Agreement

Include sponsors in your event with this agreement! This agreement will clarify event dates, fees to be paid (if any), expectations of each party, and more!


Brand Photography Copyright Transfer Addendum

Make sure you own the copyrights to all of your brand photos by amending an existing photography contract with this addendum!


Affiliate Agreement

Grow your revenue with a legally-legit affiliate program! Use this agreement when onboarding new affiliates to ensure they know exactly what to expect while participating in your program. 


LLC Operating Agreement

Form your LLC the right way with a proper operating agreement! Our template will cover all the basics for forming your new entity structure. 


Video Show Guest Release

Include guests on your video show without worrying about the legal pitfalls! This release will get you the proper permissions to use their image, likeness, logos, and any other contributed content for your episode.


Website Policy Pack

A fully protected website should have three legal policies displayed on every page: A GDPR-Compliant Privacy Policy, a Disclaimer, and a Terms of use. With this pack, you get all three!


Speaking Agreement

Have you been asked to speak at an event OR are you hiring a guest speaker at your own event? Use this agreement to lay out the terms of the speaking engagement! Our template will cover things like ownership of the presentation, fees (if applicable), virtual and in-person events, and more!

Your Agreements Your Way

Every template comes with two customization options:

Easy One-Click Generators

Simply fill out a form and generate your legal agreement with all the custom terms you want. Then, copy and paste it wherever you need to use your agreement!


Customizable Google Docs

Want more control over the language in your agreements? All of our agreements come with a Google Doc template and detailed video instruction for customizing!

Praise From Amy Porterfield

"Bobby's teaching style is incredibly easy to follow."

Our legal templates have been recommended by some of the leaders in the online marketing space, including Amy Porterfield and Ray Edwards.

This is what Amy has to say about it:

“He takes complicated legal language and turns it into understandable, actionable steps.

Bobby’s heart is in the right place. He deeply cares about those he serves and it’s refreshing that he’s ‘one of us’ with an incredible knowledge of the law as well.”

What Our Customers Are Saying...

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Check out our testimonials below!

Commonly Asked Questions

My legal templates are designed specifically for online entrepreneurs who are building their online platforms to sell their services, their know-how, or digital products. In other words… coaches, course creators, membership site hosts, service providers, and other infopreneurs.

Yep! Bobby is a licensed lawyer who graduated with honors from Harvard Law School, worked for the US Department of Justice, was mentored by a US Supreme Court Justice, and is an entrepreneur just like you.

He has an extensive applicable knowledge of the law surrounding contracts and intellectual property… which is just a fancy way of saying he knows how to protect the work you do in your business. 

It’s easy. We have two options for you to customize your agreements:

1) You can use our easy one-click agreement generators. All you’ll do is fill out a form where we ask a series of questions, hit submit, and voila! Our system will customize the document for you and deliver it to you lickety-split on the next screen. You just copy and paste it wherever you need to use your agreement.

2) You can manually customize your document via our Google Doc template with in-depth instructional video. You’ll have full control over what you add and what you leave out, while Bobby walks you through the whole document in the video.

Sadly, no. The templates we provide are simply tools to make protecting your online business easy and affordable. They are not a substitute for legal counsel where it’s needed. 

How does for-ev-er sound? Once you grab a template from us, you will always have it. We’ll even notify you whenever we make updates to our templates so you can freshen up your agreements with the new version! 

Our templates are written from the perspective of a company based in the United States, but can be used internationally.

If you are US-based and have international clients, they are agreeing to your terms, which make them applicable. 

Many entrepreneurs all over the world have purchased Bobby’s templates and are using them to successfully protect their online businesses. However, we always recommend that you check with a local legal professional to ensure the template you’re using complies with your local laws if you reside outside of the US.

We’ve got you covered! Whenever a law changes that would affect one of our templates (e.g. when the General Data Protection Regulation was put in effect), we will update our templates to comply with the law and notify you of the changes!

Yep, we’ve got you covered, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your templates up to date with the law.

All of our legal templates come with an ironclad 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not happy with one of our templates, you can get that template refunded within 30 days of purchase… no questions asked. 

The ONLY exception to this refund policy is purchases of the Template Library all-access pass. Due to the nature of the product (you’ll be getting access to every single one of our templates), we do not accept refund requests for that purchase. If you’d like to “try before you buy,” try our FREE Website Privacy Policy template to see how they work. You can grab your FREE privacy policy here.

Businesses That Use Our Legal Tools

We've helped thousands of businesses protect what's theirs, including...

Coaching Programs

Coaching businesses love our templates for their one-on-one and group coaching programs! 

Online Courses

Our legal templates are perfect for businesses who sell launched or evergreen online courses! 

Online Memberships

Protect your online membership program with our legal templates designed for membership businesses.

Service Providers

Our client agreements help service providers get paid, avoid scope creep, and more!


Our tools help consultants build their consulting businesses without worryig about the risks!

Digital Products

Sell digital products like templates, ebooks, and other digital products the worry-free way!

Not Sure Which Template To Get?

Designed to help you find the legal gaps in your business, the Online Business Legal Risk assessment is our quick solution to help you figure out exactly where your business needs to be protected.

The assessment is short and sweet, only requiring 5 minutes of your time. After the assessment, we’ll email you a custom report that shows you exactly where risks are in your business.

We’ll also include Bobby’s recommended legal templates to mitigate the risks we uncover during the assessment and show you your next steps to getting those protections in place!

Template Testimonials

Heather Irvine
Heather IrvineVerified Customer
Read More
You're the best Bobby! 😎 So helpful & your templates are Best in the Biz!
Zach Spuckler
Zach SpucklerVerified Customer
Read More
Can attest - these are the BEST templates and we use, and recommend them!
Yohanna Romero BacaVerified Customer
Read More
They are EXACTLY what I was looking for my new business. They make me feel protected. I've also seen a change in the relationship with my coaching clients now that I ask them to sign a Coaching Agreement before we start. It defines our relationship and our boundaries more clearly. Therefore, it is a better experience all involved!
Diana Londono
Diana LondonoVerified Customer
Read More
Love it and used it today. So great. Great. Love it. Thank you. So grateful. 🙏🙏🙏
Sean Alan Kennard
Sean Alan KennardVerified Customer
Read More
I used it [the generator] for one of my coaching programs last year and it's amazing! It basically does the work for us. I'm not "legal-y" at all, so this was super duper helpful in letting me get to the point of getting my contracts, and back to what I do best, coach! Bobby Klinck, you da man!
Mackenzie Holznecht
Mackenzie HolznechtVerified Customer
Read More
I've got the coaching agreement and LOOOOVVEEE that I do. It' s so reassuring to have a legal contract for my clients and I don't have to worry about legal mumbo jumbo.
Laura Naiser
Laura NaiserVerified Customer
Read More
I found the templates super easy to use… With the templates, setting up my Terms of Use, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy went super quick!
Yohanna Romero BacaVerified Customer
Read More
I love Bobby's legal templates! I am an attorney turned bar exam coach. As an attorney and new business owner, I knew I needed to protect myself when it came to the "legal stuff," as he likes to say. Since contracts aren't my specialty, I didn't want to spend lots of time figuring it all out. I'm so glad I found Bobby's legal templates bundle!
Tara Wagner
Tara WagnerVerified Customer
Read More
If you have not purchased Bobby’s templates, OMG. Save yourself hours of painful research and hair pulling (unless you’re into that) and just GIVE HIM YOUR MONEY ALREADY!
Liz Hanson
Liz HansonVerified Customer
Read More
With Bobby’s program, you get the same legal protection as a corporate lawyer charging you top dollar, but you get it at a fraction of the cost. Bobby’s instructions are clear, and the forms are a cinch to modify.
Tyler McCall
Tyler McCallVerified Customer
Read More
I just used the generator for my new website documents -- it took minutes and I'm obsessed with them.
Gene VannVerified Customer
Read More
I'm really writing today to tell you how much I appreciate your templates. I've been working my way through them and they're solid. SUCH a help to me. Thank you for all the work you've done in putting together this product. It's outstanding.
Amy Galper
Amy GalperVerified Customer
Read More
I'm brand new. Just signed up and within hours of signing up I've already downloaded and used the group coaching template, to sign on some new clients for my new group coaching program...AMAZING. thank you so much. The content and support is incredible.
Yohanna Romero BacaVerified Customer
Read More
I also appreciate that Bobby has a legal template for everything you will ever want and need under the sun! They are also extremely user-friendly. They take little time to set up.
Celia CorsonVerified Customer
Read More
It worked perfectly. And oh my goodness! You made it so easy for me to populate my templates! EASY-PEASY!!! Thank you so very, very much.
Chris Ann DaleVerified Customer
Read More
Plug in your business info into one screen, then Bobby's magic generator goes to work & within seconds, your new tmeplate is all customized & ready to go. It's BADASS! Great job Bobby!
Cole WedemeierVerified Customer
Read More
I LOVE the generator for the Website Privacy Policy!!! Not having to scroll through and make sure that I didn't miss an area that I should have updated from a template is GOLD. The generator asks you the questions required, and then inputs, or removed, that elements as needed to the document. Easy-peasy!
Diane FulmerVerified Customer
Read More
WOW! I love it! So glad I got this. It's got points I didn't even think of, and I thought I worried about it ALL.
Tania StanlyVerified Customer
Read More
Within 5 minutes I was able to generate 3 policies for my website. I had started my coaching program 2 years ago and never found the right person to get it. I also had to set up my payment gateway and they checked my website and rejected the activation as I had no policies in my website. So, that means my website was LIVE but not "FULLY FUNCTIONAL". All of that has been resolved now. Thanks Bobby!

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