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Build Your Business The RIGHT Way With Expert Help and a Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs.

As a BOMU™ student, you’ve got all the training you need to build your business.

But what if you want help from experts to implement what you’ve learned and support from like-minded business owners?

If that’s you… the BADA$$ Online Marketing Membership is your answer.

Members get access to our trusted coaches and a community of people building their businesses the RIGHT way.

Knowing is only half the battle...

Since you’re here, it’s a good bet that you’ve enrolled in BOMU™, which means you have access to our entire library of business-building courses. You have access to courses that teach you how to :

And more!

Not to mention that more courses are on the way. If you haven’t cracked 1,000 leads on your email list yet, you have access to ALL the information you need in the BOMU™ courses.

But here’s the thing… knowledge alone won’t do you a bit of good.

Binging all the BOMU™ courses and paying to take other people’s courses won’t build your business. If you want to build a successful business, you have to get busy implementing what you’ve learned.

If you find yourself in perpetual learning mode, it’s time to stop learning and start doing!

Learning is easy... DOING is hard!

Me telling you that success comes from doing, not learning, is probably one of those “No sh*t, Sherlock” kind of statements. You know that you have to implement, but that’s easier said than done.

Learning about niching and identifying customer segments is one thing… finding the right niche for you and identifying different customer types in that niche isn’t so easy.

Knowing how to write headlines and bullets is one thing… writing great copy that will actually convert isn’t so easy.

Understanding the nuts and bolts of list building is one thing… creating a can’t miss lead magnet and the opt-in page to get people to sign up isn’t so easy.

And we could go on and on…

Most entrepreneurs don’t struggle because they can’t find information… they struggle because they don’t have access to the right kind of support in the DOING!

You don’t need more information… whether from yet another course or from the typical content-driven membership offered by marketing coaches.

You need help with the DOING. And that help needs to be custom to you, not one-size-fits-all.

You need access to subject-matter experts to help you:

But you don’t just need help creating the strategies… you need support in actually DOING the work and troubleshooting when things don’t work out as you planned.

From the earliest stage in your business, what you really need is the support that comes with a group coaching program… you just don’t need the sticker shock that comes with a high-ticket offer.

The BOM™️ Membership Is The Answer

The BOM Membership delivers group-coaching level support without the sticker shock. The BOM Membership is designed to help you DO THE WORK. We won’t fill your schedule with more training sessions to attend… it is 100% focused on helping you implement what you’ve learned.

Here’s what’s included:

You’ll have all the support you need to do the work, and it won’t break the bank…

Monthly Membership

Maximum Flexibility With All The Benefits!


Annual Membership

Pay Annually And Save $167!


The Monthly Calls

Each month, you’ll have the chance to get support through six calls. These calls occur on Google Meet, which means the coaches have the chance to ask questions and get clarification so they can provide truly customized advice and guidance. No wimpy one-way Q&A videos here! Here’s a rundown of the calls you’ll get each month:


Get help with strategy, mindset, and all the big picture issues on these calls with Bobby.


Get expert help finding the right messaging angles and crafting the copy for your business.


Get help creating the right content strategy for your business and executing it!


Get expert help creating Facebook ads to build brand awareness and build your list.


Get help creating a cohesive online presence from the designer who helped us build our brand.


Get help building the right tech stack for your business… and working through the snags.

Can’t Make a Call? We’ve got you covered!

You can get support from the coaches even if you can’t attend the calls in person. You’ll have the ability to submit questions or your work for review in advance, and the coaches will provide their feedback on the calls. You’ll access their answers in the call recordings!

Bobby's Ironclad, Non-Wimpy Guarantee

Try The Membership Risk-Free For 30 Days

We believe you should be happy with the programs you invest your money in to build your business. And if the BOM Membership doesn’t meet that standard, that’s on ME, not you.

During your first 30 days as a member, you can ask for a refund for any reason or no reason at all, and we’ll issue you a refund no questions asked!

Okay, we might ask a question or two so we can figure out how to make the membership better, but we’ll issue your refund without any hoops to jump through.

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