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One Commonly Overlooked Strategy That Can Help You Grow Your Online Business

Focusing on the customer experience part of your business will give you more bang for your buck than anything else. Once you have people buying your product, making sure that you deliver a fantastic experience is critical to your success.

If you step back and listen to what’s being taught in the online marketing space, it’s usually about the sexy front-end marketing tactics, like funnels, messaging, selling, and getting people to buy. But not a lot of people are talking about what happens after people buy.

The truth is that the most important part of your business is what actually happens once someone has bought. It’s the customer experience.

Focusing on the customer experience part of your business will give you more bang for your buck than anything else. Once you have people buying your product, making sure that you deliver a fantastic experience is critical to your success.

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Why You Need To Focus On Customer Experience

It’s incredibly important to impress your existing customers. That’s what a wonderful customer experience and fulfillment team does. As you gain a reputation for providing an exceptional customer experience, you’ll begin noticing other benefits.

You Get Repeat Customers

As the old adage says, it costs five times as much to acquire a new customer as to sell to an existing customer. This goes for the online marketing world too.

If you have a product suite that allows people to buy from you more than once — if you have a membership and they can stay in it month after month, or if you’re a coach and they can keep coaching with you — these continuity programs help increase your profit margins.

If you take the time to wow your customers, they will buy the next thing and become customers for life. If they come into your program and have a crappy experience, they’re not going to buy again. You have to make sure you’re delivering to those customers to get repeat business from them.

You Get Referrals

Even if you haven’t yet structured your business in a way that you can sell to the same person more than once, if you wow your customers, they will tell their friends about your program.

This can create a snowball effect where one person gets you three to five more customers and so on. That’s how it becomes quite scalable. You don’t have to pay anything to acquire these customers. You get those free leads who are primed to buy through referrals by over-delivering to your existing people.

You Establish The Foundation For An Affiliate Program

If you want to build an affiliate program where people send their audience to you because you have a program that gets results, it’s important to demonstrate to your affiliates that you’re going to take care of their audience.

Now, not all affiliate marketers care, but most of them do. I don’t want to send someone to a program that I don’t believe in, and there’s power in that.

Affiliates are protective of their audience. They recognize that if they send their audience to other people’s products that don’t live up to the hype, that makes them look bad. That’s why you have to show up and wow them.

The best way to recruit affiliates to promote your programs is to have people who’ve heard about the success of people in your program.

How to Impress Your Customers

Making sure that people have a great experience is going to get you repeat customers and referrals and help you build the base for your affiliate program. But what does that mean? How do you actually do it?

Get People Results

Your program needs to get people results, and it needs to get them the results that you promised they would get.

Unfortunately, we have an epidemic of people over-promising and under-delivering in the online marketing space. What’s happening more and more is people are feeling the need to make more exaggerated claims so that they can get people to buy from them regardless of whether it works or not.

It should be the opposite. You should be under-promising and over-delivering. But fundamentally, you shouldn’t create a marketing message to get people in that you can’t back up.

We need to take responsibility for the results that our customers get or don’t get. We should take responsibility for making sure that people get into action and get results.

If you have a problem of getting people into your program who don’t take action and therefore don’t get results, guess what? You’re not going to have referrals coming your way and you won’t be able to attract affiliates.

You’re going to have a tough time building a business over the long term because people are going to sour on you. They’ll go with your competitor who’s willing to do the unscalable, get in there, help people with implementation, and invest in their success.

Be A Better Coach Or Teacher

Tough love… you need to do the work to grow as a coach and teacher. Simply providing information, creating slides, and saying that’s my only responsibility isn’t going to be good enough.

You need to commit to getting better at pedagogy and the ability to deliver lessons that will get people to take action. That means thinking of ways you can build in a challenge right upfront to get people into action.

Getting people into action shouldn’t be just an after-the-fact thing. It should be baked into your program itself. You should have things that will keep people interested. You need to deliver your program in a way that they’ll want to stick around. That means going all in to support your customers and making sure that you are focused on delivering the best experience possible. 

Be Willing To Do The Non-Scalable Work

You need to be willing to do the non-scalable work and check in with people.

If you notice that people aren’t engaging, you (or your team) should reach out to them, ask what’s going on and what you can help them with. Those touchpoints will help bring them back into the fold. It will show that you’re there to support them.

If you do this, you’re not going to have a tough time scaling because your product will scale on its own. That’s the gold standard for building a great product and a business.

Wrapping Up

For most online entrepreneurs, the most overlooked part of their business is the customer experience/fulfillment piece. This is especially true for scaled products. If you’ll take the time to make sure you have dialed in this aspect of your business, many of the other things will take care of themselves.

Focus on the customer experience and delivering results for your customers. As you do, you’ll notice that your front-end marketing will get easier.

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