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Ep 001: Clear Copy and Web Design with Liz Theresa

December 5, 2017 Bobby Klinck

Welcome to the first episode of the Online Genius Podcast with Bobby Klinck as your host. This show will focus on providing you information and actionable steps to build and protect your business online.  Picking the brains of experts in the industry as well as providing short legal lessons to help you gain insight on how your business’ online presence can improve and have more of an impact.

Liz Theresa, a copywriting and web design expert, joins us this episode to share her valuable expertise and wisdom on creating clear copy and a clean web page. She has some really good advice on how to steer clear of boring or overly cheesy copy on your page and stick with what is easy and clear for the reader. Liz also emphasizes the importance of telling your story and keeping it in line with your image and brand so people are able to understand and trust you more. She shares a few insights about how best to arrange your site and we close with Liz’s description of the difference between a designer and developer and how important both of them are to the outcome of your website.

In today’s lesson, Bobby highlights two important documents to include in your site: Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He briefly outlines what can be included in these documents, why they are important and where you can find examples of them.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • What the Online Genius Podcast all about.
  • What copy or copywriting actually is and why it’s so important.
  • How to overcome the boring copy and add emotion to their writing and make a stronger personal brand.
  • Why you should throw ‘marketing’ out the window and focus on your story.
  • Emphasizing clarity over cleverness and salesy-ness to make things more simple and straight forward for the client.
  • Why websites are not dead and are a crucial area to showcase your brand and gain trust.
  • How to know what to put on your site and where to put it.
  • Why you should work with a designer who works with their a developer they have a strong trusting relationship.
  • One area to work on and start improving your business by the end of the week.
  • The importance of having a terms of service and privacy policy and what to include in them.