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Ep 002: Building Your Brand in a Consistent Way and Maximizing the Value with Loren Weisman

December 5, 2017 Bobby Klinck

Most people think of branding as simply a business title and image but it’s much more than that. Loren Weisman is a branding specialist who is joining us on the show to give some valuable tips on how to make the most of your brand. Seeing the big picture when it comes to the personal effect your brand has on people, as well as what legalities and complexities go into branding will change how you prioritize branding in your business.

Loren explains what a brand foundation is and why it is so important to establish a secure and valuable foundation for your brand. He gives tips on how to do this as well as some insight into the legalities of deciding on a brand and how to use it wisely throughout all of your sites and products. We wrap up with a discussion on how important it is to be consistent with your content and how to maximize the impact of your content across all channels in an simple and non-time consuming way.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • Why you should pay more attention to your story and less attention to analytics.
  • What brand foundations are and what they mean to your business.
  • How good branding can make you appear more palatable and position you in a more authentic way.
  • Why you should disengage your ego and speak to your audience like it’s just one person.
  • What first steps to take when building a brand foundation.
  • Where to check for trademarks and copyrights and see what’s available for your brand to use exclusively and safely.
  • The importance of making fun of yourself and becoming more relatable.
  • How you should go about designing a content marketing plan.
  • Why it’s so important to practice your due diligence to find out where your focus should be and the best ways to protect your business.
  • Why you should be everywhere but not necessarily active everywhere.