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Ep 004: Infopreneurship and Hosting Virtual Summits with Bailey Richert

December 12, 2017 Bobby Klinck

Making the big shift and pivoting from a 9-5 job model to pursue a more flexible and fulfilling career is becoming more and more common. Bailey Richert joins us on the show today to talk about how she helps people become successful online infopreneurs. She defines the role of an infopreneur and provides some great advice to those who are just starting out as well as information on how to host a virtual summit.

Bailey comes from an engineering background and can relate well with those who pursued a degree and career and have decided to try something different. She has a clear and simple 6-step system for starting out as an infopreneur that she shares with us. Bailey also explains the massive impact a virtual summit can have on your online community. She shares how to leverage this to provide valuable information and create lasting partnerships.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • The definition of an infopreneur and why it is a great option for those who want to change up their career.
  • The 6 step system to launch an infopreneur business from scratch.
  • How and why Bailey left her career and became an infopreneur.
  • Her first infopreneur business and how she transitioned into coaching.
  • How to get over the stifling sense of overwhelm when starting a business.
  • The number one thing you can do now to start improving your business this week.
  • What a virtual summit is and how it works.
  • Why virtual summits are not just for the experts and why you should consider it even as a beginner in the infopreneur world.
  • Why mid-level influencers and speakers are much more valuable to your summit than A-list style influencers and celebs.
  • The important benefits of a written agreement.