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Ep 030: Influencer Marketing and Beyond with Cloris Kylie

June 12, 2018 Bobby Klinck

Influencer marketing is probably one of the most popular forms of marketing right now and for good reason. Today I’ll be chatting with Cloris Kylie, an expert in influence and relationship building. She will give us some great insight on how many of us are going about influencer marketing wrong and how to come at it in the right way by nurturing the right relationships and delivering value up front.

Cloris shares her own journey into influencer marketing and entrepreneurship and sheds light on how to create balance in your life that will keep you from stagnating or losing motivation. She shares some fantastic tips on how to deliver value up front and gain the trust and friendship of influencers or circles of influence that can later become a powerful connection. You will get some inside information on how to choose the right influencers to work with, how to nurture those relationships over time, get past blocks in your mindset and much more.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • The importance of remaining balanced and staying connected to the outside world – especially as an entrepreneur.
  • Why you need to change and do something different in order to come up with new things and find inspiration.
  • What influencer marketing is and why it is useful to your business.
  • Why the power of an influencer does not necessarily lie in the number of their audience.
  • Thinking outside of Instagram and why you should get involved with local and smaller groups to read the right people.
  • The impact of guest posting and finding out where to post.
  • Beating the belief that you’re not ready and how to get started now.
  • Starting and nurturing relationships through delivering value.
  • What the “Super Power” email is and how it helps you get past your mindset block.
  • The best way to deliver value that will build strong connections and relationships.
  • What to do after you have created a relationship and how to stay in touch.