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Ep 032: Copywriting for a Purpose with Tarzan Kay

June 26, 2018 Bobby Klinck

Copywriting has a huge impact on making a sale so it’s important to go about it in the right way. Tarzan Kay is a launch strategist and copywriter who will join us today on the show to share her best tips and secrets to creating impactful copy, solid sales pages and much more. She shares many of the tactics she uses and teaches us how to use them in the right way that provide the right information in an honest and purposeful way.

Tarzan also gets into some of the biggest misconceptions and mistakes that people make when trying to create copy. She explains how to avoid these mistakes and shares the importance of things like a long form sales page, emails and practice. Tarzan also covers the issue of being “salesy” and makes an interesting point about why many people are afraid to ask for a sale and why we need to get past that.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • Tarzan’s career journey from law to copywriting.
  • Why she simply defines copywriting as “Words that make you money.”
  • What you need to know about conversion copywriting when you first start out.
  • What different ways to she approaches copy vs content.
  • What common misconceptions people tend to have about copywriting.
  • The biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when writing conversion copy.
  • How to write good copy that doesn’t sound too “salesy.”
  • The importance of being authentic and legitimate about certain strategies.
  • They key to having a great sales page.
  • The long form sales page – how it works, who it’s for and is if it’s worth it.
  • When it makes sense to hire someone to write copy for you.
  • What you can do this week to improve your copy writing.