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Ep 132: Embrace Problems

February 7, 2020 Bobby Klinck

In one of my swift-kick-in-the-ass episodes, I’m addressing something that I see a lot in the online space. There are a lot of online entrepreneurs that get upset or annoyed when they face a problem. Today, I’m asking you to shift your mindset. Instead of being annoyed by problems, you need to embrace them. This can shift everything in your business.

If there weren’t problems in the way of your business, there’s no way that you could even have a business. Somebody else would have already built your business if there were no challenges along the way. I’ll discuss the number one characteristic that successful business owners have – it’s not about having the best idea or being the most charismatic.

Your customers are only customers because they’re facing a problem. For me, I need to embrace that my customers have problems, and it wouldn’t make sense if I embraced that but thought that I shouldn’t have any in my own business. We end up attracting people who are like us to our business, so embracing the concept that there are problems and they can be solved is crucial.

Getting pissed off at problems is going to repel people away from you. People who want to pay money don’t want to be around negative people. To avoid being put in a negative headspace by problems, the easiest thing to do is embrace them.

Embrace the problems. See them as things that you get to do, and then you’ll have the right mindset. That’s my call to action for you.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • Why you need to embrace the problems in your business
  • How shifting your mindset can enable you to succeed in your business even when you run into problems along the way
  • Discover why the most successful business owners aren’t necessarily the best at what they do, and yet they still have success
  • How to see problems as opportunities in personal growth