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Ep 135: Five Things To Stop Doing As An Entrepreneur

February 18, 2020 Bobby Klinck

In this show, I’m going to give you permission to stop doing some things. When I talk to some online entrepreneurs, they are often overwhelmed by all the things they feel like they have to be doing. Listen in as I go through the five things that you need to stop doing if you want your business to grow. After, you’ll be able to stop doing the things that don’t matter and start doing the things that do.

Much of the overwhelm that entrepreneurs are facing is from this constant noise from gurus that talk about some new program or new tactic. These “ninja tactics” are not what you need to be focusing on, but I’ll tell you what you really need to turn your attention to.

Another place you can reduce your overwhelm is in your need to make things perfect. I give you my own examples when I knew things were not perfect, but I also knew they just needed to get out there. There are quite a few downfalls to having a perfection mindset, and I’ll let you know what they are.

The final point I mention relates to all the other points: stop comparing yourself to other people. Comparison is the reason why so many people feel so overwhelmed. It’s so pervasive that most people don’t even realize it’s happening.

If you stop doing the five things I mention in this episode, I truly believe that the overwhelm will pass. I’m giving you permission to focus on the basics and to not worry what other people are doing.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • When you keep feeling overwhelmed in your business, you need to return to the basics
  • The five things I had to learn to stop doing in order for my business to grow
  • Why investing your energy into proven strategies will be the thing that works
  • Why the five things I mention to stop doing are what might actually be holding you back in your business