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Ep 136: Be Effective, Not Efficient

February 21, 2020 Bobby Klinck

Today’s topic is pretty darn important, and I hope the way I’m going to describe it will resonate with you because it took me forever to understand it. It’s about how you need to stop focusing on being so efficient and start focusing on being effective. It’s an important distinction, so join me as I explain what those words mean.

When I finally got this concept, it helped me to demystify something that my coach had been talking about a lot. He says that if you want to make a bigger impact, do less. That never made sense to me, but it did when I finally understood the concept of being effective instead of efficient.

Being efficient is just getting stuff done, but being effective is a measure of how much you’re moving the needle forward in your business. Most of us in the online space are doing a lot of stuff that has zero impact on our business. I’ll tell you the tough question that you need to ask yourself about your business and then give a clear social media example of not being effective.

A lot of entrepreneurs are looking at social media in the wrong way. If you want to be effective on social media, it’s not about blaring your message to the world; it’s about engaging with people.

Sometimes, we don’t want to do the hard, deep work so we just give ourselves a lot of busy work that’s easy to check off. I encourage you to track your time for a while, and then critically ask yourself if what you’re doing is actually moving your business forward.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • The concept I’ve learned for my business about being effective
  • How you need to shift your focus from checking “to-dos” off a list to effective ways of moving your business forward
  • Why doing the right things matter more than doing more things
  • The deep work is going to grow your business, not the busy work