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Ep 142: You Need A Swipe File

March 13, 2020 Bobby Klinck

Today’s episode is about the importance of swipe files. I will be explaining why you need your own personal swipe file, what to collect in it, and how to use it. For those of you who don’t know, swipe files are collections of saved examples which you might want to use in the future for reference as an inspiration, just like lawyers use go-bys.

In marketing, you will have to write emails, webinars, sales pages, and so on. That means you will have to create, but it’ll be very difficult to begin on a blank page without knowing where to start. This is still true even if you know the theoretical rules of writing in marketing. I’ve personally used a copywriter’s page to get the inspiration for my first sales page.

To create a swipe file, you should collect whatever speaks to you since that means it’s effective and worth keeping. Collecting is very simple; it includes things like screenshotting Facebook ads, copying and pasting text from emails, screen grabbing videos, and then saving those in a document for future access.

Using swipe files is quite simple, but it is very important to note that they’re for inspiration and not for stealing, copying, or just swapping out words. So instead of starting on a blank slate, you’d be able to find frameworks, how people are coaching, how they’re converting a feature into a benefit, and much more.

If you don’t have a swipe file already, I urge you to start one now. Start making copies of whatever files seem attractive to you and use them as a guide. Swipe away and you’ll be much closer to building a successful online business.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • What is a swipe file and the different types
  • How to categorize the swipes you need for your business
  • Why keeping a swipe file is an easy “go-to” to build your inspiration and develop a practice in the framework that works best for your fans