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Ep 143: Be A Radical Giver

March 17, 2020 Bobby Klinck

Today I’m talking about one of my core beliefs. It’s a belief that a lot of people need convincing on, but once you implement it, I can guarantee you are going to see massive, positive change in your business: the concept is becoming a radical giver. I don’t just mean giving to get or giving as a tactic; you must get to the point where the act of giving actually brings you joy.

My first ever launch in 2017 was a big flop; I made one sale which ended up resulting in a refund. I knew something had to change and decided for 2018, I was going to focus on giving and gratitude.

I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons at first, but once I decided to just become a crazy giver within my circles, everything started to change. My name was really put out there and my business started to grow like never before.

How do you implement radical giving into your business? There are right ways and wrong ways. You have to give without expectations, give your time, give people things of value, and even sometimes send people to your competitors. These may all sound crazy to you, but I’ll explain the positive impact you can make on your business in this episode.

Radical giving is not a short-term solution, it’s about building your business over the long term. You will see monumental shifts from it. I’m not asking you to simply be a giver, I’m asking you to become a radical giver.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • My own examples on how I’ve given in my business and the impact it’s left on myself and others
  • The intentions we might have behind giving and how to find joy in it
  • Discover the different elements of giving
  • How radical giving has impacted my business for the long-term