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Ep 145: Interview With A Copywriter With Kate Dramis

March 24, 2020 Bobby Klinck

In this episode, I’ve got an interview with my friend Kate Dramis. She is an awesome copywriter for James Wedmore, and I met her through that community. Kate is really good at teaching entrepreneurs how to write great copy and find their message.

Many entrepreneurs enjoy writing but hate writing conversion copy. I ask Kate why this is the case and she argues that conversion copy is really easy to write because it has a clear goal. We then discuss the biggest mistake that people make when writing copy, which Kate says stems from the execution.

When you’re writing copy, you’re not writing for yourself. It’s never about you. It’s about your audience. Kate and I get to talking about how emails can be built to target a specific mindset, but a sales page must try to speak to everyone. Kate stresses that your sales page does not sell your offer; people should be somewhat sold by the time they land on that page. She then speaks about describing features versus benefits.

Shifting beliefs is something that Kate is very skilled at, but a lot of people just think they can tell others that their belief is wrong. That doesn’t work, so Kate talks about ways that you can give people an alternative perspective that might give them better results.

Kate leaves us with her best tips that you can implement today to start writing better copy. She believes that the thing which sets successful entrepreneurs apart from others is having a deep purpose that they are aligned with, which will always come through in their messaging.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • What is conversion copy and how it looks for your business
  • How to actually communicate your message to your audience
  • The ways to figure out your core premise or your “secret sauce”
  • Best practices from a top-rated copywriter