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Ep 149: Launch Recap

April 7, 2020 Bobby Klinck

This is the type of episode that I know my listeners love the most. Today I’m doing a recap of my recent email marketing launch and telling you what happened, what worked, what the plan was, and how we were executing it.

I’ll start off by giving you an overview of what the offer was. The concept was that I’d give anyone who signed up for an annual membership to my FANS First Society access to my new course, which teaches everything about email marketing. Because I like treating my existing members like royalty, I decided to give the course to anyone who was already an annual member too.

We had a plan to direct people to a webinar, and I had the crazy notion that we would get 500 people to sign up for it. I started actively promoting it on the day after the NBA season came to a stop because of the coronavirus, so I ended up not hitting my goal. I’ll go over my exact numbers to inform you just where my sales ended up.

People who would have been a quick “yes” in a normal launch still bought. The difference was the people who would have normally been on the fence for a while, but would eventually join, were clearly saying “no.” I saw way less engagement than normal.

Despite everything going on in the world, I’m proud of what my team and I accomplished. I now have a proven offer, and if this was a normal time of year, I know we would have smashed our goals.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • The behind-the-scenes breakdown of my most recent email marketing launch
  • The “football phone” concept I used to increase members in my FANS First Society membership
  • The obstacles within the launch that caused my team to pivot
  • Why I continued with my launch plan, in spite of what was happening in the world