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Ep 158: Keep It Simple Stupid with My Coach James Wedmore, Part Two

May 26, 2020 Bobby Klinck

This week is the conclusion of my interview with James Wedmore. He dropped a ton of valuable knowledge in part one, so you’ll want to listen to episode 157 if you haven’t yet. Today we’re getting into how he applies the simplicity method not just for creating offers, but also for the other parts of his business.

Part two begins with James telling a story about how he began challenging industry standards just because he wanted to mess with people. After talking a bit about earnings per lead, I ask James about how he has defined what an entrepreneur wants to be. At the end of the day, James says it’s all about results.

James recently coined a term, “energon cubes,” that refers to how much time and energy something takes to accomplish. He tells us why this had led to his philosophy of doing less while doing better. A lot of time has been freed up for James in his business thanks to this mindset.

I ask James why he decided to create Your First 100 Leads, so he proceeds to tell us how the idea first came to him. He began with a simple Venn diagram which he explains to us. Then, James talks about how easily you can be forgotten by leads.

We get some parting advice from James before signing off. He says that when you begin to apply the actions we’ve discussed in this episode to your life, that’s when you will see a difference. Knowledge is not a power, it’s a potential power.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • The importance of identifying where your time needs to be spent
  • Why you need to be smart with your money, but you need to be even smarter with your time and energy
  • How to simplify your business and yet still to be able to give your audience your best work
  • How shifting your mindset when it comes to your money will transform your business and your life