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Ep 169: Interview w/Amy (Ascension Model)

August 11, 2020 Bobby Klinck

I’m happy to welcome Amy Porterfield for her third appearance on the podcast in today’s episode. This time, we are talking about building your business through digital mentorships and courses. We also dive into where you should start when creating digital courses.

Amy begins by talking about her customers’ typical journey. If they are starting from scratch, they usually come via her podcast, move onto the digital course academy, and then through to the Momentum membership program. When your customer comes on a journey with you, they will be repeat purchasers.

When looking to start her online course business, Amy says she was inspired to do so by the possibility of financial and lifestyle freedom. She also knew it was a great way to help others. Her philosophy is to focus on one thing and continuously improve it. Just by creating one course, she has been able to relaunch and refine it multiple times and continue to increase her revenue.

If you are just starting out in course creation and aren’t sure where to begin, Amy offers some solid advice. There are three main types of courses you can create: a starter course offers a broad overview, a spotlight course delves deeper into one subject, and a signature course offers specialized content. The lowest risk is in creating a starter course initially and growing from there.

Amy explains that webinars are a way for you to give before you ever ask for anything. They help build connections and relationships with potential new audiences. To end the show, Amy offers some pointers for those looking to add courses to their existing business.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • How to build a business through digital mentorships and courses
  • Why the customers’ journey is as important as your business
  • How to launch your online course business
  • Why a mentor is important when starting out a course creation
  • What are the ways to help build connections and relationships with potential audiences