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EP 171: How We Made $14K in 2 Days with an Email Launch

August 25, 2020 Bobby Klinck

Today we’re going to debrief the flash sale for BADA$$ Email Marketing we ran earlier this month. I wanted to share this so you can see what a valuable asset an email list is and learn some principles that can help you grow your business.

As an entrepreneur, one thing I have learned is that we need to be watching what others are doing and learning from them. Some of the most valuable insights I get come from watching other people’s hot seats and hearing their questions.

A little over a year ago, when I was struggling with building a team, I had a breakthrough during a mastermind hot seat. But I wasn’t even the one on the hot seat. I was watching another member get coached on growing her team.

The same principles she was discovering applied to me. As I implemented what I learned by watching her hot seat, my team began to come together. And that is a big reason why I’m able to pull off things like this flash sale.

So I wanted to break this down and let you see behind the scenes. This debrief isn’t me bragging. It’s me sharing what worked and hopefully giving you an idea of what’s possible with a small email list and an awesome digital product.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • What is BADA$$ Email Marketing
  • Why we decided to turn it evergreen instead of doing regular launches
  • How we came up with the idea to run a 2-day flash sale
  • What the flash sale plan was and what was included in the offer
  • The email strategy we followed
  • How much we earned from this launch and why this is significant
  • How email launches are different from traditional launches
  • The 3 key things we learned