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EP 173: There Is No Instruction Manual For Business

September 8, 2020 Bobby Klinck

Today we’re gonna talk about some “bad news” for online entrepreneurs and break down why it’s not such bad news after all. The bad news is that there’s no instruction manual for online business. When I put together my office furniture, there was an instruction manual. If I follow those directions, I’ll successfully construct a desk. But this type of instruction manual doesn’t exist in entrepreneurship.

The idea for this episode was inspired by a post in a Facebook group from a woman who had an “instruction manual” with guaranteed results for her health habits but was struggling to find the equivalent for entrepreneurship. What this post caused me to articulate is you can’t expect someone to give you the steps to building an online business, and if you follow them, you’re guaranteed success.

This desire for a step-by-step plan comes from gurus we follow. They’re sharing the steps that worked for them. But here’s the problem. We’re only listening to the gurus who survived. We’re not hearing from all the entrepreneurs who tried and failed.

It’s important to remember that these gurus are telling what worked for them. But it might not work for you. The fact that they did something one way and got a specific result doesn’t mean you’ll get the same result. There are many other factors that you must consider.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • Why you need to stop looking for an instruction manual for entrepreneurship
  • The reason you don’t hear about the times the instructions didn’t work
  • Why you must do the work to understand the why behind the instructions that the successful gurus are dishing out
  • Why principles are more important than tactics or strategies