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EP 186: The Future Of Online Information Businesses

December 8, 2020 Emberly Team

If you’re an information product business owner, you need to hear today’s episode. I’m talking about the future of this industry. We need to be thinking about the future of our business model, so we can plan and adapt and not become obsolete.

Let’s talk about the future by starting with the past. Information isn’t a new industry. But it’s important to note that your purpose isn’t to sell information but to solve a problem. You have to identify the problem you solve and the value of the solution you sell. The problem needs to be front and center in your mind.

You also need to consider: what is the problem your business model solves? What is the differentiator in your business? You can’t hide behind the claim that you’re providing information. Instead, you’re going to have to make some changes to the way you think about your business model.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • Why information used to be a valuable commodity.
  • Why information is less valuable now than it used to be.
  • 3 reasons why people might be willing to buy an information product for you (but this won’t last)
    • You have organized or curtated information so it saves someone time.
    • You’re super niched and people can’t easily find the information for free.
    • If you or your process are unique, that gives you advantage.
  • Most people want results not information. You’re not in the information business. You’re in the implementation business. That means you need to provide support and community to help people get the results you promised.
  • What we’re doing in my business to focus on implementation: VIP Days, Boot Camps (3-day get it done workshops), and Group Coaching.
  • What we’re going to be giving away for free: BADA$$ Online Marketing University! This is a place where you can get a comprehensive marketing education for the online space for FREE.