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EP 188: Radical Giving Redux

December 22, 2020 Emberly Team

In this episode, we’re talking about one of my favorite topics: radical giving. The concept of radical giving has been a central part of my business for three years, and it has made all the difference. Today we’ll break down what radical giving is.

As a side note: radical giving is the motivation behind my newest initiative: BADA$$ Online Marketing University. The first course in the program is Online Marketing Foundations. We’ll be adding more courses throughout the year, so that you can get all the training you need in one place for FREE.

If you’ve been in my audience for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk about radical giving. So what is the concept of radical giving? Most people who teach about giving view it as something tactical. It’s something transactional or strategic. How much should you give away for free and what should be paid? That’s NOT what I’m talking about here.

Radical giving is not a tactic you use so that you can get something back. It’s a different way of thinking about business. My first few years in my business were hard. I was doing all the things, and nothing was working. At the end of 2017, I was at a low point after my launch flopped.

At a New Year’s eve service, my pastor was talking about the power giving has in our lives. I decided “giving” would be my word of the year. This brought about a fundamental shift in my life and business. I found joy in giving, not because they were giving back, but just because of the joy giving. Most people think this sounds like a crazy idea.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

How radical giving impacted my life:

  • When I started giving, I became magnetic and people wanted to be in my world and hear from me because I wasn’t trying to attract them with tactics and strategies.
  • I became more joyful because I was focused on giving and serving others.
  • This new outlook caught the attention of people in my network and major players in our industry.
  • I now have a raving fan base of people who send their friends to my world because they know I’ll take care of them.
  • Annual giving report: my goal was to give away $4,000,000 in privacy policies. To date, we have given away 13,000 privacy policies ($3,900,000 worth of privacy policies). I also allowed Amy Porterfield to include my course terms and conditions in her Digital Course Academy. That’s another $3,000,000 in value, which makes a total of $6,900,000.
  • We are also giving away BOMU for FREE.
  • For 2021, we set a goal to give away 20,000 privacy policies. Another ambitious goal we set is to have 30,000 members in my FREE program BOMU. There are also people in my community who have offered to make some of their training available for free inside BOMU.
  • I want to serve entrepreneurs because I believe that they’re contributing to good things in the world.
  • That New Year’s service and my decision to pursue radical giving changed my life.
  • Now I ask you: how can you be a radical giver in your space?