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EP 198: The Serve-First Way: You Over Me

March 2, 2021 Bobby Klinck

Today we’re wrapping up our series on the serve-first way, where we’ve talked about the mindset shifts required to be a serve-first entrepreneur. The serve-first way is about a simple concept: I put the interests of those I serve over my own.

In an earlier episode, I talked about marketing over selling. Marketing focuses on the needs of your customers and selling focuses on the needs of the seller. This is a central shift in becoming a serve-first entrepreneur. 

Being a serve-first entrepreneur is about being a marketer and understanding what people need and creating a solution to serve them. It involves building relationships at many levels and taking a long view of your business. You can either be a salesperson and sound like an infomercial or you can be a serve-first entrepreneur.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • Why you need to start with the question: what would serve my audience best.
  • Why you need to shift from asking how can I make more money → how can I make more impact and serve more people?
  • Why you need to shift from asking when do I want to launch → when will my people need my product and be ready for it?
  • Why you need to shift from asking how do I get more followers → how can I create content that will be valuable to my people?
  • Why focusing on what will best serve your audience will ultimately help you build a thriving business you love.
  • How a serve-first approach helps you create brand evangelists.
  • Why having only one product in your business is not a serve-first way. It isn’t good for you or your audience. 
  • Why you need to think about lifetime customer value as you decide on your business model and your products.