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EP 203: The Ethical Way — Hard Conversations

April 6, 2021 Bobby Klinck

Today we’ll begin digging into the ethical questions around building an online business. We’ll be asking what it means to be an ethical marketer when we’re selling something that promises a result or transformation instead of a physical product.

Last week we laid the groundwork for our series, and this week we’re going to talk about our obligation to tell people about details that might be relevant to their decision to buy our programs or products. This episode is intended to start the conversation, but I would love to hear your thoughts too. I’ll be sharing where I’ve landed, but I can’t tell you exactly what the right thing for your business is. 

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • Acknowledging that we’re helping people with problems that aren’t easy to solve (that’s why they’re still there).
  • What our obligation is to tell people that this is going to be hard and where the line is between presenting a false impression about how much work is involved and the full picture.
  • How the American Marketing Association code of ethics addresses this situation.
  • What our obligation is to disclose all that is involved (time, cost, software) in our solution to their problem.
  • The role of omission vs. commission in representing our products ethically.
  • Why you should ask yourself where the line is for YOU on this issue.
  • What your duty is in your marketing if you offer a follow up program (e.g., backend membership) that helps people get results from what you offer in the course.
  • What it means to be transparent if you know that the hardest part of what you’re teaching comes after they finish the course.
  • Questions to ask to help you know what to disclose:
    • Would you want to know if you were a buyer?
    • Are you reluctant to disclose because you’re afraid people won’t buy?
    • Do you need to make it clear that there is something else they need to use your product?
  • Be sure to find me on social media and share your thoughts.