EP 205: The Ethical Way — The Promise & Case Studies

April 20, 2021 Bobby Klinck
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We’re continuing our conversation about ethical issues that come up in the online marketing space, and today is a doozy. We’re going to talk about the ethical limits on the promise and case studies. We need to have a discussion around both of these topics.

If you haven’t listened to the last several episodes, be sure to go back and start with episode 202 where we started this conversation about how we should be marketing products that aren’t tangible, physical products. What does ethical marketing mean for those who sell coaching, services, or information? Let’s dive into the issues that come up with our promise and case studies.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • How to think about the way we communicate the result that people get from our products.
  • What it looks like to foster trust and honesty in the marketplace.
  • Questions to ask about our products: do our products do what they claim, do we stand behind them, and do we honor our promises?
  • How we can honestly talk about our products and the explicit and implicit promises they make.
  • Why we need to rethink the norm of talking about the home-run successes (and only saying that these results aren’t typical in small print).
  • Why we need to realize that our success isn’t a good indicator of other people’s success with the same process and what our responsibility is to disclose this.
  • Why we need more transparency in presenting promises and how unusual the results are.
  • The difference between a case study and a testimonial.
  • What types of testimonials and case studies to include and what responsibility we have when we present this.
  • Why we need to be careful about case studies and testimonials that are results driven.
  • Why we need to include more context and all the relevant information with a case study.
  • Why we need to be careful about creating false hope with our promise and case studies.