EP 209: The Ethical Way — Negative Emotions w/Zach Spuckler

May 18, 2021 Bobby Klinck
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We’re wrapping up our Ethical Way series with my guest, Zach Spuckler. Zach and I had a great conversation about ethical marketing and how people use negative emotions in their marketing. We also ventured into other important online marketing topics.

Zach has been in the online marketing world for a while. He has been the Periscope guy, the Facebook ads guy, and now he’s the challenge guy. We talk about trends in the online marketing industry, like how messed up sales calls can be and why it’s important to be transparent about the real costs of starting an online business.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • How to think about using negative emotions in marketing and the false dichotomies that are common in the online marketing space.
  • Ways you can avoid negative emotions in marketing and not follow the script of work with me or be broke forever.
  • Another way to do webinars.
  • The problem with the bait and switch on webinars and discovery calls.
  • The problem with using shame and guilt to get people to buy your products.
  • The difference between a manipulator and an influencer.
  • How to avoid using sleazy tactics in your marketing and where the line is between playing loose with the facts and lying.
  • Why you should focus on inspiration based marketing over fear based marketing.
  • Why you need to be transparent about who your product is for and who it’s not for.
  • Why you need to disclose the other costs associated with your program.
  • The damage that results from a narrow definition of “success.”
  • Why it’s good to be thinking about whether you’re marketing in an ethical way and why people won’t always agree.
  • Just because somebody says it right doesn’t make it right and just because somebody says it’s wrong doesn’t mean it’s wrong.
  • Why you have to find what feels right for you and not just do what works for others.