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EP 234: It’s All About Repeat Customers

October 12, 2021 Bobby Klinck

Today we’re going to be talking about the importance of repeat customers. A lot of business coaches teach that you only need one product. This might be enough to get you started, but the reality is you need to give people the opportunity to buy from you more than once. 

For knowledge brands, the biggest expense in your business is usually customer acquisition. Building in ways for people to buy from you more than once will reduce your cost of acquiring customers and help you build a successful business for the long term.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • The definition of a repeat customer
  • Why repeat customers have always been important in business
    • It costs more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one
    • Why getting new leads is more difficult in 2021
    • How repeat customers can help you scale
  • Why repeat customers are even more important in an online business
    • The biggest cost in online business is to acquire new customers
    • Repeat customers can help you significantly decrease your cost to acquire new customers and increase your profits
  • How to create repeat customers
    • Have a plan for your product suite where people can buy from you multiple times
    • Price your product in a way that makes sense
    • How an ascension model can fit in
    • How a continuity program can fit in 
    • Why you need to focus on customer experience
    • You need to get people results and overdeliver
    • Why you need to think about fulfillment as part of the sales process
    • Why you need to think about how you can surprise and delight customers
    • Why you need to think about retention so people will want to stay
  • Don’t feel overwhelmed
    • You don’t have to have multiple products at the beginning
    • You shouldn’t start with a scalable product
    • Start with an evergreen product or a 1:1 offer and reinvest some of the profits from the first product to build out the others