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EP 244: What’s Working Now With Facebook Ads With Arfan Husain

November 5, 2021 Bobby Klinck

Today I’m talking with Arfan Husain who is the Facebook Ads coach in my group coaching program. Arfan and his wife help coaches grow and scale their businesses. As they built their business, they experienced a lot of ups and downs both personally and as business owners, and Arfan shares about his mental health struggles with us today. Be sure to stick around for the second half where he breaks down the latest trends with Facebook ads.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • How Arfan got started as a Facebook ads manager and how his business grew from there
  • The personal mental health struggle Arfan faced at the end of 2020 and how he had to make changes to his business so he could take care of himself
  • How a successful business can create stress for entrepreneurs
  • How Arfan discovered that his rates were too low and why he decided to raise them
  • The routines Arfan put in place to protect his mental health
  • The types of ads Arfan runs for clients
  • What’s going on with Facebook ads after the iOS changes
  • Why you can’t compare 2021 numbers to 2020
  • Why the reporting is more difficult to interpret and why you might need 3rd party software
  • What kinds of ads to run if you’re just getting started
  • When it’s a good idea to run engagement ads
  • How to build out an overall advertising strategy if you’re just getting started
  • What’s working with audiences
  • How to find different interests to target
  • What the learning phase is and what it takes to get out of learning limited
  • How to use the rule of 3 in your ads
  • Why you need to plan out 3 months for your Facebook ads
  • How boosting posts can hurt your future campaigns
  • Why you have to think through how ads fit into your overall marketing plan