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EP 254: Tough Love: Do The Damn Work

November 30, 2021 Bobby Klinck

In today’s episode, I’m going to level with you and address what I see as a growing problem in the online marketing space — people thinking that business doesn’t require hard work. There’s a growing notion that you can pick and choose the work you do in your business and you don’t have to do anything that’s hard. 

Basically, the anti-hustle culture has gone too far and is trying to convince you that hard work isn’t what it takes to be successful. There is some truth that hustle doesn’t equal success, but this is a false argument. Hard work is necessary to get success. It isn’t sufficient to get success, but it is necessary. In this episode, we’re going to face the facts.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • Why you have to do the work to be successful
  • Where the idea of not having to work hard is coming from
  • Why you have to put in the work, especially at the beginning of your business journey
  • Why you can’t look at someone further along in their business journey to tell you what you don’t have to be doing
  • Why the role you play in your business will shift over time
  • Why the concept that business should be easy is problematic
  • Building a business is hard and requires a lot of moving parts
    • You have to generate traffic on a consistent basis (content, social media, ads, affiliates, etc.)
    • You have to convert that traffic into leads and ultimately buyers (website, freebie, list building, nurturing, messaging, creating the right offer)
    • You have to be able to fulfill on your offer (not just meet expectations but exceed expectations)
    • You have to do the boring operations work (legal, tech, team, customer service, systems, etc.)
  • Once you do the hard work to set these things up, you may be able to step back, but it’s gonna take years
  • If you choose not to do the work that’s necessary to build your business, then you have to figure out an alternative way to get the results you want
    • Ex: don’t want to create content 
    • Ex: don’t want to be on social media
  • Why at some point we have to get over ourselves and just do the damn work