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EP 257: Why I’m Creating A Membership

December 7, 2021 Bobby Klinck

In today’s episode, I’m making a big announcement. I’m launching a membership. I’ll be sharing the journey that led me to this conclusion and how it fits into the overall structure of my business.

As you listen, you’ll want to pay attention to where your business is in the process and whether there are phases you might have skipped. While each business is unique, that doesn’t mean that you have to wing it. Each of these phases is an important step in building a business that will last.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • What led to my decision to start a membership
  • What led me to make my BOMU program free
  • Where our hypotheses were wrong when it comes to people implementing information
  • What we discovered from working with our coaching students
  • How we developed a process to help people in our coaching program
  • 7 phases for building an online business
    • Planner phase (educated guess about the problems your customer is experiencing and what solution to create)
    • Builder phase (building your conversion and customer experience machine)
    • Recruiter phase (building your traffic machine)
    • Scientist phase (experimenting to come up with the idea for your scalable product)
    • Banker phase (hone in on the money and get your financial house in order)
    • Leader phase (building up your team to free up your time)
    • BADA$$ phase (focused on legacy and not breaking things)
  • When your business is at the final phase, you should be focused on 3 things
    • Setting the vision
    • Working on things you love to do
    • Doing the things that only you can do
  • How we realized that our coaching program is best for phases 4-6
  • How the BOM membership serves people who are in phases 2-3 (and BOMU serves phase 1)
  • What’s included in the BOM membership and whether it’s right for you