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EP 266: The False Promise Of The Online Marketing World

January 4, 2022 Bobby Klinck

Happy 2022! Today we’re going to be talking about the false promise of the online marketing world. This is the first episode of an arc where we’re talking about important concepts that we presented at our live event in December. 

We’re going to be looking at what it really takes to build a business and cutting through the B.S. that is so prevalent in the space. We’re going to be deconstructing the promises that people are making so you can figure out what you really need to be doing to build your business.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • The problem with the promise that you can create a scaled product, choose a launch vehicle or go evergreen, and fill your funnel with ads and get rich
  • The slogans you commonly hear with the promise
  • Why it’s generally much harder to make a living with a course than working 1:1
  • Why this promise is BS
  • The info product myth: is lack of information the actual problem your customer is facing?
  • Why you need to ask yourself how much is information worth?
  • The problem with people being focused on what they want to create rather than what their audience actually needs
  • The problem with the idea that a launch is the best way to sell your product and why this is short-sighted
  • Why high-pressure sales tactics are so common in the online marketing world and why there’s so much deception
  • The problem with thinking you can use paid ads to fill your funnels and not focusing on other types of marketing
  • Why the online marketing world isn’t exempt from the rules of traditional marketing
  • Why you need to step back and ask yourself