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EP 271: What Is Your Audience’s Level Of Awareness?

January 20, 2022 Bobby Klinck

In this episode, we’re talking about your audience’s level of awareness and how that impacts your online business. This was a concept I dug into during my live event in December 2021, and people found it very helpful.

A lot of people aren’t thinking about their audience when they’re marketing. Instead, they’re trying to sell a specific product to people who don’t know they have a problem or who only recognize their symptoms. Obviously, that’s not going to work well.

Part of your role as a marketer will be to move people along the awareness continuum. Your content should help bridge the gap between where they are to get them to the point of being solution aware. Then you can educate them about your product.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • Why you need to recognize where your audience is on the journey of solving their problem
  • Why this “journey” is a continuum
  • Problem unaware – they are blissfully unaware of their problem
  • Symptom aware – they recognize they have a pain point (symptom) but don’t know what the problem actually is
  • Problem aware – they recognize what the underlying problem is but don’t know the solution
  • Solution aware – they understand their problem and recognize the solution
  • Product aware – they don’t just know about the solution generically but are also aware of your product as a solution
  • Why your message to your audience needs to meet them where they are
    • If your audience is only symptom aware, you can’t talk to them as if they’re solution aware
    • You need to create content that will help your audience move from whatever level of awareness they’re at to being solution aware
    • Then your conversion content needs to help them become product aware and make a decision about whether your product is the right product for them