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Ep 052: Creating A Content Strategy

November 13, 2018 Bobby Klinck

Content strategy is where many online entrepreneurs and marketers get lost easily. This week is all about how to create and organize regular content in a way that serves your business the best. Starting with making a strategy to actually executing the content regularly, I’ll talk you through the process so that you can have a content calendar that will keep you on track for weeks or months to come.

Knowing your customer – who they are, where they hang out online and what they need is key to creating content that will legitimately draw people in. I emphasize the intentional creation of content that is right for your customer and also fits with your business plan – rather than posting randomly and sporadically. I’ll also explain why your content should all go back to one core piece of content and how to create, produce, promote and recycle this strategy over time.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • What first drew me to the concept of online entrepreneurship.
  • Why your content strategy needs to work with your overall business plan.
  • What you should be thinking about when setting up a content strategy.
  • What the Trojan Horse method is and how you should or should not be using it.
  • How to stress the value of what you sell even without selling.
  • The importance of knowing who your customers are and where they are online.
  • Why your content is like a hub and spoke system and how that works.
  • How to set up content buckets.
  • Why you need to be creating regular, weekly content (and not just social media posts).
  • How to tie in your content with various launches and special promotions.
  • How to brainstorm, create and recycle content in an efficient way.