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Ep 063: A Winning Content Strategy with Jillian Bowen

January 29, 2019 Bobby Klinck

If you’re grinding away on content that seems meaningless just because you were told you’re supposed to be putting this or that kind of content out there, stop and take a listen. Today I have Jillian Bowen on the show to break down how to create a winning content strategy for your online business without spending soul-sucking time creating content you hate. Jillian has been helping me develop my content strategy, so I can honestly say that between my trial and error and her expertise, you’ll have a ton of great information to learn and build from in this episode.

I have seen first-hand how easy it is to get carried away and miss the mark, and today, I share where I went wrong starting out and how I am currently getting closer to having a content strategy that works for me, my business, and my customers. Jillian emphasizes the importance of paying attention to your skills and personality and shares great tips on how to deal with shiny object syndrome, how to use content pillars, how to profile your customers, and much more.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • How your content strategy should fit into your overall business plan.
  • The cardinal sin of content creation.
  • What content actually is and how people go wrong with it.
  • The importance of understanding what content works best with your skills and personality.
  • Why you need to prioritize audience profiling and how to get it done.
  • How thinkers and starters differ from doers and finishers.
  • Jillian’s backburner system that helps keep her shiny object syndrome at bay.
  • What content pillars and topic clusters are and how to use them to stay organized.
  • How conversion holds it all together.
  • How long your content plan should be.
  • A bite-size way to get started right now on building a great content plan.