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Ep 064: Growing Your Business Using YouTube and Video with Tara Wagner

February 5, 2019 Bobby Klinck

Today is all about building your YouTube channel. This is something I’ve thought about many times, and something you’ve likely considered too, so I brought Tara Wagner on the show today to share some valuable advice on this subject. I met her when she was first starting out, and we’re going to catch up on how she’s doing to get a first-hand perspective on the struggles and tricks to building your presence on YouTube.

We talk about how Tara got started and what kind of results she has been seeing after just 5 months of putting out content. She has some important information on how YouTube works and different algorithms that go into the success of your account strategy. Tara also shares why this platform is perfect for her specific coaching style and explains why this type of communication is so valuable to building your audience.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • The hardest part of YouTube content creation.
  • Why the length of a video matters.
  • When Tara first launched and how she decided to build her YouTube presence.
  • What belief breakthrough coaching is and how it helps entrepreneurs.
  • Why Tara got burned out on Instagram.
  • What YouTube has that Instagram is missing.
  • How Tara’s results have been after 5 months.
  • Why YouTube content can stay relevant for much longer.
  • How Tara initially got subscribers and a custom URL.
  • Where she got her template and how she has developed it.
  • How her videos are set up.
  • The importance of promoting your YouTube.
  • How Tara uses batching to create content.
  • What lighting and camera equipment she is using.
  • Important tips for uploading and using SEO on YouTube.
  • How much time you need to invest in having a YouTube account.