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Ep 065: My First Launch of 2019 with Bobby Klinck

February 12, 2019 Bobby Klinck

People really seem to like hearing real stories from ‘in the trenches’ – the stories about processes, implementation, and lessons learned through new techniques and programs. So in this episode, I’ll be sharing all the details of what worked, what didn’t work, and how things went for my first launch of 2019. If you’re considering launching products in the near future, this could be very helpful for you as you get started.

I will talk openly about the details involved in preparing and launching my most recent product. From the email list to sales boosters and Facebook ads, you’ll get a good idea of how all of it works and what is so important to pay attention to during this process. Listen in to learn from my mistakes and successes so you can save time and hassle when it’s time for you to launch your own products.

What You'll Learn in Today's Episode

  • An overview of what I launched and how I launched it.
  • The different parts to the launch and how it worked.
  • What the sales booster list is and how to use it.
  • The overall results of my sales and a breakdown of the different stages.
  • How I already had money coming in before starting to set up advertisements.
  • Where your lead amounts should be and what they mean to your launch.
  • Why you should make a sales booster part of your overall launch.
  • The expenses involved in the launching process.
  • My theories and thoughts on Facebook ads.
  • The difficulty in reaching certain audiences.
  • Where I had the most trouble and what worked the best for me.
  • The demographic data and what I think that means.
  • Five important things I learned about moving forward.